The Leon Holmstrom School

The Leon Holmstrom School near Ft. Portal, Uganda has grades pre-school through 1st grade.

Each of the 63 students come from homes that are either infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS. The children all wear uniforms we provide, have a meal at school everyday, get a great education ( the school came in #1 in their district), and a lot of the love of Jesus. We have an excellent water collection system and a new latrine.

Thanks to you, our donors and especially the Holmstrom family and friends, our teachers are of the highest quality and integrity. The school recently had some burglaries so we have hired an evening security guard to watch the facility at night. But… the Lord Jesus is #1 in the hearts of all of the children and they are the future of Uganda. So pray for them. And God bless Uganda.