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A Message from the Country Director:

It is my pleasure to express heartiest greetings and thanks to all volunteers and sponsors of He Intends Victory, Bangladesh. He Intends Victory’s integral mission is deeply rooted in the Bible and our inspiration comes from the Scriptural values. Now almost all countries of the world have AIDS and no one is safe until everyone takes it seriously. HIV/AIDS remains as a major global concern and challenge for the scientists, doctors, governments and communities at risk though human have resolved many challenges. The Good News for the nations is that Jesus holds the power and authority over all kinds of human sufferings and disasters like AIDS and He took over our pains, stigmas and sufferings on His shoulder and died on the Cross for our sins so that we receive salvation by grace and eternal life from Him, even though we fight and live with AIDS and consequently have lost our hope. Like many other countries, Bangladesh also continues its battle against HIV/AIDS and keeps the further growth of HIV/AIDS infection successfully at low. This South Asian country has now 160 million people and it aspires to become a middle income country by 2021. My wife Shapla and I welcome you all to visit our beautiful Bangladesh with cultural diversity, ask you to support He Intends Victory’s Global Outreach and pray for our ministry and nation.

Bangladesh’s Country Director:
Pastor John Crosswell Khockshi



Providing Services:
AIDS education program, Counseling, HIV rural education, HIV Training seminars, HIV+ Women Empowerment program, Support Groups