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A Message from the Country Director:

Serving He Intends Victory Kenya since 2006, Martha has dedicated her life to serving those living with and facing HIV/AIDS. "What a blessing and privilege to serve those facing the difficulties of HIV/AIDS in Kenya with the hope of Jesus Christ. When you are very poor and have no resources and we come along and share that no matter what their condition, 'Jesus has a loving plan for their lives', joy springs into their hearts as hope." Martha goes on to say, "As a single mother and the Country Director, my testimony becomes an encouragement to women wherever I serve. My daughter Elsie, now a nurse, and I and the many AIDS orphans that are "ours" are filled with joy as we provide care, love and support to those we meet. From our offices in Eldoret, Bungoma, Marigat and Mombasa to our Support Groups throughout this wonderful country, we send our love."

Kenya’s Country Director:
Ms. Martha Ambani



Providing Services:
AIDS education program, Counseling, Direct care for HIV+ families and individuals, Food Distribution program, Livestock for Africa, HIV Educational Dance group, HIV rural education, HIV Training seminars, HIV+ speakers, HIV+ Women Empowerment program, Hospital visitation, On the ground direct care including medical help, Support Groups, Terry's Kids AIDS orphans, Amy's Friends AIDS orphans, Tribal Outreach Program, Water for Africa, Men's and Women's Prison care


Abigael Wanyonyi

Social Worker HIV Kenya

Abigael has worked for He Intends Victory since April of 2019 overseeing our Terry's Kids and Amy's Friends orphan sponsorship program. Since that time she has served out "Kids" with love and encouragement and has helped many realize that education is the key to a good future. Abigael married last year and will soon deliver her second beautiful child.

Cynthia Lynn

Social Media Director

Cynthia joined the He Intends Victory team in November of 2021 after she graduated from her trade school in Eldoret. But her involvement with He Intends Victory started in 2010 at the age of 10, a day after her mother died of HIV infection. Never knowing her father and her alcoholic and abusive grandmother taking "charge" of her life, Cynthia was excited to join He Intends Victory and has blossomed with the joy of Jesus since. She truly loves those infected with HIV/AIDS and has been a great benefit in developing our Social Media department. "I know what it is like to feel alone as an AIDS orphan. I may not be HIV+ but I do know that Jesus is the only hope for All of us. Jesus, and He Intends Victory!!"