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A Message from the Country Director:

My name is Man Kharti and together with my wife Deena and our three children we care for AIDS orphans here in Nepal. Life is very difficult in Nepal and even much more difficult with the stigma of AIDS. Recently we had a very large earthquake that devastated our country but the truth is that for those in Nepal living with HIV/AIDS, their lives have been devastated for a long time. Stigma, starvation, no jobs, no place to live is a daily challenge to those living with HIV. But Jesus Christ is the answer to life's worst difficulties and so we give care, food, support, shelter and God's love to the AIDS orphans that He has brought to us. Please pray for us and please come and see us. God bless you.

Nepal’s Country Director:
Man Khatri



Providing Services:
Counseling, Direct care for HIV+ families and individuals, Hospital visitation, Support Groups, Terry's Kids AIDS orphans, Amy's Friends AIDS orphans