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A Message from the Country Director:

Mark was born with HIV in April of 1996. He often shares, "The first day of my life was the last day of my mother's!" Shortly after, his father deserted him and later died of HIV infection and left him as a true orphan. Mark's aunt and seven cousins took him into their home and raised him as their own. At the age of seven, Mark started the ARV's and life was pretty challenging. Later as a 13 year old, He Intends Victory took Mark in our Terry's Kids program for AIDS orphans and as he says,"provided me with more than I needed to grow up to become the man I am today. When I graduated from Kyambogo University in Kampala with a bachelor's of science in accounting and finance 2021, He Intends Victory employed me as their Director of Youth and I have to say that I love my job because it gives me the opportunity to meet many young people living with HIV/AIDS, and help them to live positively even with HIV/AIDS." In January of 2024, Mark was promoted to Country Director of He Intends Victory Uganda and is excited to take this ministry on to greater outreach and love.

Uganda’s Country Director:
Mr. Mark Wandyaka



Providing Services:
AIDS education program, Counseling, Direct care for HIV+ families and individuals, Elementary School for AIDS orphans, Food Distribution program, Food producing Farms, Livestock for Africa, HIV Educational Dance group, HIV rural education, HIV/AIDS Farm and care program, HIV+ speakers, HIV+ Women Empowerment program, Hospital visitation, Support Groups, Terry's Kids AIDS orphans, Amy's Friends AIDS orphans, Tribal Outreach Program, Water for Africa


Lydia Kohumangi

Director of Orphans

Lydia became our Director of Orphans shortly after she joined He Intends Victory Uganda in 2013 for two reasons- "I love children, and I love children living with the real challenges of life with HIV/AIDS!" Since then she has devoted her life to helping all of our AIDS orphans and their families in making sure our Terry's Kids and Amy's Friends go to good schools and excel in their education. Quarterly, Lydia travels to each area of Uganda where we serve many of the poorest children in the world. And the children love her. We are very blessed to have Lydia on our Team.

Emma Bukenya

Director of Support Groups

Emma became involved with He Intends Victory through the orphan sponsorship program in 2010 when he was just a little boy. The He Intends Victory sponsorship program provided Emma with the opportunity to attend school. This new chapter in his life brought a smile to his face, and he is now a happy man. Through his interactions with people living with HIV, sharing meals, and singing together, he gained invaluable insights and experiences. Through this journey he gained some great relationships, feeling like he had a whole new family of mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters. Emma has a deep passion for serving others, spreading the word of God, and leading praise and worship. He is thrilled about this opportunity to continue serving people with similar backgrounds to his own. He eagerly anticipates what the future holds, especially in making a positive impact on the lives of orphaned children, mothers, fathers, and others. His source of inspiration lies in Psalms 100.