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A Message from the Country Director:

Ever since I started working with people living with HIV/AIDS, I have never regretted it! In fact, working with the people living with HIV/AIDS is one of the best choices I have ever made in my life. I have seen many touched and changed and now they have that joy which no one can give except through Jesus Christ. He Intends Victory has given me an opportunity to see the great need, love and care for the people living with HIV/AIDS. Please join me and stand in that gap! It's what Jesus would do! My heart's desire is to see many people who are living with HIV/AIDS reached with the love of Christ through you and me. Let us all join our hands and lift up that living hope of our master in their lives. From Kampala to Hoima to Ft. Portal to Busia to all parts of this wonderful country, He Intends Victory reachers out with over 50 Support Groups, a school, and many programs just for those facing HIV/AIDS. And please come and join us at Grace Place Community Church in the Waikiso District near Kampala. We would love to me you in person.

Uganda’s Country Director:
Pastor Moses Drake Luswata



Providing Services:
AIDS education program, AIDS orphan aid, AIDS orphan food program, AIDS widow brick-making enterprise, Clothes for HIV+ Mothers program, Counseling, Direct care for HIV+ families and individuals, Elementary School for AIDS orphans, Farm education program, Food Distribution program, Goats for Africa, HIV Educational Dance group, HIV rural education, HIV/AIDS Farm and care program, HIV+ speakers, HIV+ Women Empowerment program, Layer Chicken Program, On the ground AIDS Education and resource materials, Personal counseling and encouragement, Spiritual counseling, Support Groups, Terry's Kids AIDS orphans, Amy's Friends AIDS orphans, Water for Africa