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The From Africa Times says…

In recent years, Malawi has experienced patterns of alternating drought and flooding that have severely impacted crops and food security. Two years ago, according to World Bank, the seasonal rainfall was the highest ever recorded, with floods that left more than a million people displaced across the country’s south.

The subsequent drought, affecting a number of southern African nations, has left Malawians in their worst food crisis in 10 years, with about 40 percent of the population unable to meet their annual food needs during the 2016-2017 cycle. A comparable percentage of Malawi’s children experience stunted growth because of malnutrition, according to an Assessment Capacities Project (ACAPS) report.

How is He Intends Victory responding?
In 2017, we responded with a $3000 donation of corn (maize) for 200 families for 2 months. This will provide food until the limited crop comes in for the year in May/June.

Response from the Country Director, Bishop Frank Chisale.

We thank you very much also we thank very much the board members of He Intends victory in USA. For the big support you are giving the people of Malawi who living with HIV and AIDS. God bless the donors and board members. Two hundred AIDS widows have sent me to ‘thank you’ very much for the gift of maize. Two hundred AIDS widows will have enough food in their family after receiving the maize. They are eating everyday enough food. God bless He Intends Victory and all who support the organization.

How did the people respond to HIV’s actions?
With great joy and appreciation.

How can others help support the people of Malawi?
The most ignored and stigmatized group of people, AIDS widows, and orphans are always in a place of need. Malawi has 980,000 adults living with HIV/AIDS and only 61% have the medications of life available to them. Our workers could use a 10 passenger van to transport widows to the doctor, food for their children, and someone who cares. Contact us for more information.