IMG_2817Have you been blessed by God recently? Everyone has challenges in this life, some more than others. But for most of us, compared to the rest of the world, are truly blessed. Blessed with health, or at least good health care; blessed with peace, no war zone for us; blessed with a job and the ability to pay our bills; blessed even with an abundance. Yes, we have been blessed by God recently.

So…in appreciation for what God has done for us, would you like to be a blessing to others? He Intends Victory is taking a Medical/Care Team to Malawi and Tanzania this June 18. There we will hopefully serve up to 2000 people, mostly AIDS widows and AIDS orphan with a medical exam and medicines, some donated clothing, blankets, seeds and hoes and a lot of hugs in Jesus name. Everyone going has raised their own funds and are almost ready to go. But…

We need to raise $ 10,000 by June 1 to really fulfill our commitment of care and love.

Some of the people we serve walk 40 miles to be with us. Can we turn them away from a $ 2 meal because we don’t have the funds for rice and beans? Most of the children and many of the adults have “worms”living in their intestines. A small 30 cent pill will destroy that worm for up to a year! A new hoe which costs just $ 5 will last a farmer 5 years and double his or her productivity.

Would you help us? If so, you will bless many in Jesus Name.

Please send a check to:
He Intends Victory, PO Box 399, Irvine, CA 92650 or donate online and designate your gift for HIVAfrica 2016.

You’ll be blessed you did, and many, many people facing the challenge of living with HIV/AIDS will be blessed too.