Camillus from Kenya

Camillus’s Story:

Camillus is a jovial boy who lives with his mother who is HIV+. His father deserted the family and so his mother works doing domestic chores for people to sustain their needs. Camillus helps her by selling water so that they may buy food. He is in need of educational assistance and other basic needs. We pray that God will one day answer his prayers and that he is soon sponsored. God has answered their prayers as Camillus now has a sponsor!
Age: 15
Birthday: November 19, 2008
Gender: Male
Location: Bungoma, Kenya
Favorite Foods: Chapati, rice, beef
Favorite Hobbies: Singing and playing football (soccer)
Favorite Subjects: English and Swahili
Reference Code: K-273
Camillus is Sponsored.
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