Samuel from Kenya

Samuel’s Story:

Samuel is a jovial boy who lives with his mum who is HIV positive. His father left him while he was still young. His mother hawks vegetables where they live to raise income for their survival. Sometimes she lacks school fees and food for her children since raising children as a single parent is difficult and there are also many competitors for business. She struggles to even pay the rent in the slums where they live. Samuel would benefit greatly if he was sponsored. His basic needs would be met and he would be able to attend school, which brings hope for his future.
Age: 12
Birthday: August 24, 2011
Gender: Male
Location: Mtwapa, Kenya
Favorite Foods: Pilau, chicken, and fish
Favorite Hobbies: Soccer
Favorite Subjects: Kiswahili, Math, and English
Reference Code: TK-K-463

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