Chrispinus from Kenya

Chrispinus’s Story:

Chrispinus is the 6th born of 7 children. He loves playing soccer when his limbs are not sore. Chrispinus goes to St.Denis Libolina for Disablilities. His parents are both HIV+ and are stigmatized for this and for the fact that Chrispinus is disabled. They do farming on people's farms to provide for the basic needs of their family. They have been support group members of He Intends Victory for a long time and the father has been chosen by the support group members to be their Chairperson. Chrispinus' sponsorship is a blessing from God!
Age: 9
Birthday: August 10, 2014
Gender: Male
Location: Bungoma, Kenya
Favorite Foods: Rice with chicken, bananas with beef
Favorite Hobbies: Soccer
Favorite Subjects: Math
Reference Code: TK-K-477
Chrispinus is Sponsored.
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