Deborah from Mozambique

Deborah’s Story:

Debora's father died of HIV/AIDS when she was six months old. Due to the discrimination towards those infected with HIV, her mother was asked to leave the house where they were living. They lived with some people who helped take care of them until Debora's grandmother saw their suffering and asked them to live with her. Debora's grandmother has a field where she grows rice and sweet potatoes for food and with a lot of difficulties she also tries to run a small business in order to support her grandchildren. Life for the family is challenging because apart from Debora, her grandmother also takes care of other children whose parents have died. Debora is looking for someone who can love her and be able to call her their daughter.
Age: 7
Birthday: July 29, 2016
Gender: Female
Location: Bairro, Mozambique
Favorite Foods: Rice and beans
Favorite Hobbies: Playing
Reference Code: TK-M0-496

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