Nalileje from Malawi

Nalileje’s Story:

My name is Nalileje. My father and mother have both died from HIV. All my father's relatives and mother's relatives have rejected me because I am HIV+. I thank He Intends Victory because I stay in one of the support groups. The problem is we often do not have food, good water, clothes and even now I am not going to school. I'm asking for a sponsor to help me go to school. An excitng update: Nalileje is so happy to now have a sponsor so she can go to school!
Age: 11
Birthday: March 3, 2013
Gender: Female
Location: Likuni, Malawi
Favorite Foods: Nsima
Favorite Hobbies: Singing
Favorite Subjects: History
Reference Code: TK-Ma-442
Nalileje is Sponsored.
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