Eliseu from Mozambique

Eliseu’s Story:

Ever since Eliseu's father died from HIV/AIDS, his mother has struggled to take care of him and his siblings. She has struggled to find steady employment while looking after her children. She often has to work from field to field trying to find some food to feed her children, so putting Eliseu in school is not a reality for her with all the other challenges she has to face. Eliseu needs to attend school if he is to have a better future. Eliseu's life is now being enriched through the love and support of a sponsor!
Age: 11
Birthday: July 1, 2013
Gender: Male
Location: Bairro, Manga, Mozambique
Favorite Foods: Rice and meat
Favorite Hobbies: Playing
Favorite Subjects: Math
Reference Code: TK-Mo-345

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