Valburgue from Mozambique

Valburgue’s Story:

Valburgue's mother had to leave their home village to run away from the stigma and discrimination of HIV/AIDS when her husband died and no one in the family would support her and her four children. They came to Beira to start a new life and slept in the church until someone with a good heart gave them a temporary place to stay. Some months later she was given land to build a small house with the local material (grass). That is where the family is now living. None of the children go to school because they do not have the money required for attending school. Because of this, Valburgue and his siblings spend the day playing, not knowing if they will eat that day. Valburgue's mother does try to look for work and sometimes she finds work, but because of her physical condition she is not able to keep the job for long. Valburgue wants to go to school, but he can't see how his dream will come to pass. Why not stand with this boy and support him so that his dream becomes a reality?
Age: 8
Birthday: October 17, 2015
Gender: Male
Location: Bairro, Mozambique
Favorite Foods: Rice and beans
Favorite Hobbies: Playing
Reference Code: TK-Mo-497
Valburgue is Sponsored.
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