Dias from Mozambique

Dias’s Story:

After being sick for a long time, Dias' father died of HIV/AIDS. Soon after the death of her husband, left with money owed for back rent, she was asked to vacate the house where they had been living. Without money or food for her 4 children, Dias' mother ran away and just left the children. When the grandparents heard that their daughter had run away leaving the children, they brought the children to live with them. Since then, Dias' mother has not been heard from, his grandfather has a terminal illness and the only income for the family is from selling the sweet potatoes that his grandmother grows. Dias is in desperate need of a sponsor to give him support and show the love of Jesus!
Age: 11
Birthday: October 15, 2012
Gender: Male
Location: Bairro, Madjemane, Mozambique
Favorite Foods: Rice and fish
Favorite Hobbies: Playing and studying
Favorite Subjects: Portuguese
Reference Code: TK-Mo-520

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