Augusta from Mozambique

Augusta’s Story:

It was the first week of June 2021 when Augusta's mother died from a kidney infection and HIV/AIDS. Due to the stigma and discrimination, the family does not disclose this personal information except to those really close to the family. Augusta's mother's death has brought great sadness to the family as they did all that they could to save her. By the time she passed, the family was left with nothing. Augusta's father has no job, in fact, her mother had been the bread winner in the family. Life is a challenge for Augusta and her brothers. They live in an unstable house made with local materials that does not keep out the rain. Augusta is the one in the family doing almost everything, including making food for the family. School is not that important to the family, but Augusta has a dream to receive her education. Would you be the one to help Augusta achieve her dream of an education by sponsoring her?
Age: 11
Birthday: June 9, 2013
Gender: Female
Location: Bairro, Madjemane, Mozambique
Favorite Foods: Rice and vegetables
Favorite Hobbies: Playing
Favorite Subjects: Portuguese
Reference Code: TK-Mo-521

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