Kamala from Nepal

Kamala’s Story:

Kamala’s father died many years ago because of HIV and her mother is infected with HIV. Kamala herself is infected with HIV and has been taking medication for it for most of her life. Her only sister is HIV-. Kamala's mother is unable to pay for a proper education for her daughters as her work is not permanent, but she does whatever work she can find. Through all of this, her neighbors do not know they are infected with HIV as it is such a stigma. Kamala's life would be greatly improved if she had a sponsor.
Age: 16
Birthday: September 23, 2007
Gender: Female
Location: Rukum, Nepal
Favorite Foods: Dumplings
Favorite Hobbies: Badminton, reading story books
Favorite Subjects: English
Reference Code: TK-N-482

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