Indira from Nepal

Indira’s Story:

Indira is a sweet girl who lives with her widowed mother and an older sister and brother. Her father died many years ago because of HIV/AIDS. From that day, her mother has tried every type of labour work for the sake of her children. Indira is the smallest one in her family and she is infected too, but that does not stop her from being cheerful all the time. Her mother is looking after all three kids by herself and she is burdened by the work and also infected with HIV/AIDS. Indira's mother is the only income source and they all live in one rented room. Expenses increase every year and with the pandemic the source of income have become even lower. Indira hopes to be sponsored so she will receive an education and in the future she can bring positive changes in their lives.
Age: 12
Birthday: December 29, 2011
Gender: Female
Location: Tikabhairav, Godavari, Nepal
Favorite Foods: Nepali foods
Favorite Hobbies: Playing
Favorite Subjects: English
Reference Code: TK-N-483

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