Nita from Nepal

Nita’s Story:

Nita is a young girl who is not able to walk, run, or sit properly due to her disability affecting her legs. Her father died of lung cancer and was HIV positive, her mother is HIV positive and so is Nita. Life is hard for Nita, her mother and her older brother. They own a small tea shop where her mother sells things and at night they sleep in the same shop. They pray and thank God for what they have, but also pray that Nita will be able to receive an education. If Nita had a sponsor, that would bring her much happiness in her life.
Age: 13
Birthday: February 23, 2011
Gender: Female
Location: Thankotgodam, Kathmandu, Nepal
Favorite Foods: Dumplings
Favorite Hobbies: Reading
Favorite Subjects: English
Reference Code: TK-N-484

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