How do you feel you and/or He Intends Victory have made a difference in the lives of those who live in Africa and that you had met on this trip?
I think we made a difference in the lives of those in Africa – by showing up!  – making the effort to travel that great distance, being there just for them and no other reason but to bless them, showing them that we care and desired to bring some special love to them for just a small moment in their lives – sharing the love of Jesus, we may not have much in common, but in Jesus we’re knit together in our hearts.

I think He Intends Victory has made a huge difference in our lives and those who went on the trip by providing the opportunity to minister outside of our comfort zone, seeing another country, understanding just a little bit more the struggles of those in other cultures and especially with the added burden of being HIV positive.  It’s also so valuable to meet new people that are part of the team, work with them, enjoy their uniqueness, etc.  – makes for such a rich experience and great memories!

What are 3 powerful words to describe your HIV2014 Africa experience.

Would you encourage someone to go on these mission trips and why?
Yes, because Bruce spends a lot of time thinking about every detail and making it enjoyable, taxing (your gonna work or be uncomfortable or tired), and pleasurable as well.  There’s time to see the country, minister to the utmost with the time we have and enjoy snippets of rest and relaxation as well.  Bruce is knowledgeable about so many things where we travelled and he opens up the culture/country to you.  He has thought out every detail it seems so that the team doesn’t have to worry about anything – it establishes trust and peace so that we can minister in the way we planned to without worrying about all the little things.  Bruce and Joni provide a safe and fun experience!