What was your role on the trip?
My role was to help wherever needed. This year I helped with crowd control, handing out items like rice, beans, and mosquito nets.

What was the most difficult part of the journey?
The cold showers, packed bus, heat, bugs and saying goodbye.

What was the most fulfilling part of the journey?
Getting to a village and having the people be so excited to see us. They are always so happy to greet us and hug us. You can connect to at least one person at each village on such personal level. I also love spending time with my child that I support through the Terry’s Kids program.

People always want to know what I experienced on my trip and all I can think about is how it wasn’t about me at all but about the amazing things that God is doing through His people.

Were there any experiences that happened you didn’t expect?
I can honestly say, I did not expect a large baboon to jump into our van. That was quite a unique experience.

Did you connect with any of the locals? What was their name and story?
Virus. His name is Obadiah( pronounced o-bah-dee-ah). When he learned he had HIV he decided to go by the name Virus. He celebrates how God is using him through having HIV.

What would you say to someone who may be considering going next year?
Pray about it. If God wants you to go-He will provide. Go with no expectations and you will always be pleasantly surprised.

All you need to be is willing and you will find that the perfect role for you will be revealed.