Have you been to Africa before? If so, how many times?
This was my first trip.

What was the most difficult part of the journey?
The flight to Africa was long and confined.

What was the most fulfilling part of the journey?
Giving the people encouragement and real material help. The Medical service provided was over the top.

Were there any experiences that happened you didn’t expect?
The He Intends Victory in Uganda and the amount of dignitaries that spoke there was unexpected.

Did you connect with any of the locals? What was their name and story?
We stopped along the road in Kenya at a small town. I met a man name Samuel who ask me to send him a HIV T-shirt six xxx large. Bruce has one he gave to me which I will send with a note and a photo of the two of us. He gave me a gift of a green ring.

What would you say to someone who may be considering going next year to HIV Africa2011?
The trip, I believe, will have a deep lasting effect on whoever goes to minister there.


The Green Ring