This week I have concerns about not having insurance. After thirty three years of paying for Blue Cross (over $1100 month out of my pocket for premiums and co-pay) I opted to cancel and turn to the County Health Department when I need check-up’s and blood work and prescriptions This was an emotional decision I made a month ago, and honestly it was very hard to now trust our governmental health care, instead of paying for my own medical care.

It’s scary but I depend on my Lord more than ever, and that’s a good thing.

I shouldn’t worry because our medicine distribution is through a governmental federally funded program called ADAP. (AIDS DRUG ASSISTANCE PROGRAM). Basically, I can get my need anti virals for free.

Many times they won’t pay for the brand name drugs, but the generics work nearly as well. My problem is I have neuropathy in my feet, (a result of old drugs in the past), and the neurontin medication doesn’t work for me as a generic. But I am hoping my old Dr. will advise the ADAP people of that so I can get the brand name. This is very important to me.

The good news about dropping my insurance is I’ll not have to pay out nearly $7,.000 USD before I turn 65 and get on Medicare which our counties retirement plan that we’ve all contributed to financially via taxes while I worked in my own travel marketing business for the last 33 years. In the mean time, I get to reply on my Lord as my provider and protector. I won’t have any need to go into the hospital I pray, and my virus will stay undetectable so God willing I will stay healthy. Thank you for praying with me for that. As I pray for my brothers and sisters world wide, I remember that many don’t have any access to the meds. I’ve felt guilty this week for worrying at all because many millions are without any meds. So how can I complain about what is really decent good health care here in U.S.? I guess it’s all relative as I’ve been used to having more coverage.

Please know I welcome the opportunity to depend on God., give up worry or guilt, plan for my upcoming return trip to Uganda this August, and just praise the Lord for all He provide as He loves us all so very much. Thank you Jesus. Be blessed Kathi, Board Member He Intends Victory