Just a reminder to everyone that this Sunday, May 16, 2010 is the 27th annual Intl. AIDS Candlelight Memorial. This year the theme is “Many Lights for Human Rights” so that we remember the barriers faced by people living with HIV around the world regarding access to treatment, care, and support. Jeffrey L. Sturchio, Global Health Council President says, “the Candlelight Memorial is as necessary today as it was nearly 3 decades ago. With over 33 million people living with HIV and a new generation of youth emerging every day, we must continue to create public space to learn from the past and motivate actions to improve our approach to HIV…that’s what the Memorial offers us”.

The goal of the candlelight memorial is to remember those who have lost their lives to AIDS, to support those living with HIV and affected by its impact, and to move communities to action.

Here at He Intends Victory, our slogan is “Its Not Over!” You can stand with us and people living with HIV around the world by attending an event (www.candlelightmemorial.org), organizing a small gathering, or just lighting a candle and saying a prayer for all of those infected and affected by HIV. Let’s come together as brothers and sisters around the world, sharing “Many Lights for Human Rights”.