Well, we have started the New Year with the determination to serve those facing HIV/AIDS with greater determination that ever. The needs haven’t changed. In fact, more people than ever are becoming infected which means more sickness, more sadness, more widows, more orphans and more death. Over 2 and half million people were infected in 2009. But we offer what other groups often can not- we offer hope! Hope for this life and for the next and hope makes a difference in someone’s life! They can see that there IS a tomorrow!!

But before we leave 2009 here is a glimpse of what He Intends Victory has done! With grateful hearts we thank the Lord for the opportunity to serve those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS around the world and are amazed to do so much with so little.

Our Countries: Belize, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Congo DR, Ecuador, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Malawi, Malaysia, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Tanzania, Uganda, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela, Vietnam, Zimbabwe

  • Total number of Active Support Groups: 104
  • Total number of members in all groups: 2,256
  • Total number of all Volunteers for He Intends Victory in all countries: 362
  • Total number of volunteer hours for all activities and service: 30,561
  • Total number of all Paid Staff for He Intends Victory in all countries: 23
  • Total number of hours worked for He Intends Victory in all capacity: 34,824
  • Number of Training Sessions and/or Church Services 2009: 419
  • Approximate number of those attending: 16,466
  • Total number of radio, TV, and newspaper articles interviews: 55
  • Approximate number of potential listeners or readers: 10’s of milions
  • Total number of all people served in 2009 with food, care, counseling, money, and any other way: 32,339 (outside USA)
  • Total number of Salvations for 2009: 1,361
  • Total number of Ministry Associates in the United States: 33
  • Total number of Donors: 448
  • Total income for 2009 from all donors: $ 287,272

So much with so little! Wow, I’m still amazed. But there is more to do for 2010. Yes it’s a New Year but we should could use your help. Will you join us?? Write to me, let me know what YOU can do to help that AIDS orphan, that AIDS widow, that person facing HIV/AIDS.