Praise God brethren!

I am always made new every minute. I have time with my Lord Jesus Christ, that is why I can’t shy up to say I’m “born again” and I’ve never regretted why I took this decision to walk with Christ. I’ve been an activist towards a woman and girl child in social issues and joined the HIV field in 2002 with an organization Society for Women & AIDS in Kenya (SWAK) for 4yrs then joined a quality organization called Liverpool VCT Kenya where I practiced till I joined He Intends Victory Kenya as the Country Director.

standing with an AIDS Widow from Bungoma

I realized my special calling of counseling while I was nursing patients at Kakamega highway nursing home way back in 1996-2000. Many comments were basing on “Martha someone can heal after talking to you” I wondered why this was coming from most people I attended to. By then my intimate relation with the Lord was 50-50. So I didn’t realize I’d touch lives to Christ.

Why work with such?

I am a pretty mother of a beautiful baby girl called Angel Elsie. My passion to be associated ministering in this field was triggered with what I went through. My life is full of testimonies, from childhood I went through several sexual abuses, attempts of rape and a challenging 10 year marriage that didn’t work. At some point putting my life vulnerable to consequences of his wrong choices and most times I could cry to God and ask him why a discordant negative partner can go through hot iron just as I was going through.

Then questions Struck:

How many women are going through all this?

Can I mobilize women?

Will awareness help people for them to be informed?

Will my experience sharing have a positive impact, especially when I talk of my DISCORDANT Negative result?

Will my peers take a step of knowing their status?

I thank God that I started off with a group of 10 members and with my reality facilitation I ended up having a group of 50. Out of this, 6 men were HIV negative in their discordant marriages and 4 women were HIV negative in their discordant marriages and the rest were concordant positive. With this I could do weekly peer education as a volunteer, and I tell you every session was touching and new things came up.

Martha with a Pokot tribesman from Pokot

It’s at this time I started fearing God knowing he’s put me in this field for his purpose. The biggest challenge was to lead people to Christ because it was not in HIV protocol where I was working. That’s why I started requesting God to open a door for me to work with a faith based organization. So that these needy and hurting hearts can worship and give their lives to God freely so that we can have eternity after death because they were really going through so many issues.

My past life was an amazing journey of God’s love and protection even though I was not aware of it, I do realize it today that God send a friend of mine Hellen, whom I used to benefit from therapy. She blessed me with a copy of He Intends Victory book, which is full of testimonies of how Jesus touched lives, to read which encouraged me and challenged me too. It’s not a book that I finished reading in 3 days as I used to do with others I took a month. Why? Some testimonies were so much overwhelming and I couldn’t hold my tears. I’d put myself in some situations in there.

I’d say personally God put and still allows me to go through issues for a purpose. My favorite scripture is 1 Cor 10:13.

So I am always ready for any trials for as a sinner I am a great believer of Jesus Christ, for I keep to God’s covenant he came to save me not to JUDGE me. I’ve learn God is faithful to us who’ve accepted him as our personal savior. Try Him!

We offer HIV information, Spiritual and Psychological therapy where Confidentiality is observed. We service institutions base groups, Terry’s Kids Orphans and individuals. We make home visits, hospital visits, offer phone therapy, and support groups.

We’ve support existing support groups in:

  • Eldoret
  • Langas
  • Raiply woods LTD
  • Marigat
  • Pokot
  • Webuye
  • Bungoma

Hoping to reach out to the large Kenya community as a whole country.

We can seek Gods kingdom no matter what you are going through, for Jesus loves you and yearns you to call on him.

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