Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I thank you for the good work you are doing around the world God bless you. I am Pastor Frank Chisale, country director of He Intends Victory here in Malawi.

We are facing more problems, more AIDS orphans and more widows who are totally suffering.

This year we have lost almost 5 AIDS orphans who died because of no food, no support and they have no parent to care for them. He Intends Victory is there to support them but we don’t have enough funds. We now have 10 AIDS orphans who are in dire need and we have no food, no medicine and no one who can care for these AIDS orphans but only He Intends Victory.

Our request is for you to pray for these AIDS orphans, to start food feeding program, to financially support these AIDS orphans and pray for better health as they start school.

Pray that we can have an office for He Intends Victory here in Malawi. It can help us to keep well these AIDS orphans. Also pray for AIDS widows who need goats. And pray we have funds for a house, where we can keep the orphans. We can save lives together!

Yours Faithfully,
Pastor Frank Chisale
HIV Malawi