Clive asking God’s blessings in 2018!

What happened to 2017? It left as fast as it came and even though it was an eventful year with many ups & downs, unexpected & welcome changes, gladness & sadness, GOD remained faithful and gracious with blessings every step of the way. Even though it has become an annual event and I’m usually asked to say a  prayer of blessing at the start of the New Year’s Eve event, it always takes me by surprise when I stand before the large gathering of several thousand residents and visitors/tourists in the San Pedro Central Park. Marveling each time where the Lord has placed me in the community to be His servant and salt & light; I’m humbled, honored and sensed the weight of responsibility to rightly represent my Lord to the best of my abilities and trusting Him to keep me usable and always Jesus focused. My prayer is to always be in that place where my words and daily walk would reflect Him when I’m in the public eye or behind closed doors. Depending on His Holy Spirit to strengthen and empower me as only He alone can do, please join me in this prayer!


Over 620 students attending San Pedro High School!

Stand in the Gap: As the new school year started, I requested the list of all of the students attending the San Pedro High School for the purpose of lifting each one by name in prayer every Monday morning as I have for several years now. Sensing the need to pray for the students, teachers, administrators and staff before they arrive on campus and having them engulf in prayers as they would step on campus to start a new day and a new week. My schedule because unbelievable hectic with many late night counseling sessions, daily surprises and fulfilling the demanding tasks of the various responsibilities I have at the Radio Station. At the same time seeking to doing my best with the routine of life of my personal life; like eating, laundry, and getting the necessary sleep as I seek to maintain healthy. The High School began to have many disciplinary issues; fights, conflicts, suspensions and expulsions at an increasingly rapid pace. I found myself deeply involved as I was try to help one particular young man who took a drastic turnaround in the first 3 months of school. This is one of the young man that frequent the Lighthouse Staff Apartment to take showers due to conflict with his mother’s live-in boyfriend. His mother rented a separate room for him but the bathroom/shower were shared and not in good condition. Watching this young man going from great excitement at the start of the school year to hooking up with some of the school’s troublemakers was very hard for me especially after months of pouring into him and assisting in many practical ways in school. He was one of several who were finally asked to leave the school after the administration had done all they could do. As I was praying one day for these young men, it suddenly dawned on me that the Monday Morning Prayer Meeting where the ‘standing in the gap’ for these students had ceased and conviction flooded my heart like cold water on my face. I realized I couldn’t do this by myself so I’m making arrangements with ministries I know in the US that would assist me with the weekly prayer request and I had the IPrayer (Intentional Prayer)  Boxes repaired, cleaned out and ready to go. If you would like to join us in praying for the over 625 students every Monday morning from 6:30-7:30 AM (Belize time) from where ever you are I’d greatly appreciate it. With the countless challenges and stress these students face on a day to day basic, only God can do a work as we pray. Let me know if you would like to receive prayer request to personally pray for these students and their needs!

The JP Motto: The Pen is mightier than the Sword!

Salt & Light in San Pedro: Almost 2 years ago, I was nominated at President of the San Pedro Chapter of the Association of Justice of the Peace & Commissioner of the Supreme Court. Having served in the capacity as a Justice of the Peace of Belize for 12 years, I counted it an honor to serve the community by signing various documents like passport applications, social security applications, Immigration, travel and other important permits and documents. Witnessing statements being given at the Police Station when someone is arrested and being present while a Witness Parade is taking place are a few of the roles a JP plays as we work closely with the Police Department. As president of the San Pedro Chapter, which was dormant previously for several years, I was able to organize and bring the Chapter back to full life and vitality with ID cards, JP Pins and meeting monthly to update and train the JPs. I’ve been honored to serve alongside of some of the islands most dedicated and seasoned residents. As my 2 year term quickly approaches the end, I’m torn between going for another term and  continuing the reestablishing process or move on to devoting more time with the upcoming opportunities of ministry and the HIV/AIDS ministry. More on this later but until then, please pray for wisdom in making this decision and confirmation by someone with a heart and passion to step up and continue to add to the ongoing work with the JP Chapter.


Miguel returns after 19 months!

The Prodigal Son returns: Miguel left for a summer camp in July 2016 and never returned; he had drastically changed 3 months prior and the behavioral problems increased by the day. I was accused of being too stern and had too many rules. I never would have imagined going through another heart break like this and was still recovering from a previous departure of another one of my prodigals. After several months of not hearing any word from him or about him, I packed the clothes he had left behind and gave away his school uniform since he left the island and was in Belize City. Because of his health situation, my concern was that he would stop taking his medication and kept in contact with his doctor and those providing medical care for him. Tempted several times to go to the City to search for him but I wouldn’t know where to begin but on occasion when I had to drive through Belize City, my eyes were in search mode as I prayed and hope to somehow run into him. All the people that cared for him he had likewise abandoned and from his Facebook page, he was not making good choices of friends and drugs &alcohol. I prayed for him day and night and had those who knew him or knew of him joined in prayers for him which I truly believed was what the Lord used to keep him alive. A year ago, when I was away on a trip to the US, I got word that he called the radio station and asked for me. Upon returning, he called again and it was good yet painful to hear his voice and that he was not taking his medication since leaving. He was working on an island off the coast of Belize City and made promises of getting back on his meds when he’d go to the City but never did. He gradually stop calling since he knew I would ask if he had gone to see the doctor. Months later, prayers were answered and things started falling apart in his life and he began calling again with weeping and regrets. He asked if he could come back home and I told him he would have to stop taking drugs and get back on medication before we could even consider a visit. The day arrived on February 4 when he arrived in San Pedro and ran up the 3 flights of stairs to embrace me. I wasn’t prepared for it and spent, what seemed like hours, just staring at him. It didn’t take long and it was as if he never left. It was good to have him back and it wasn’t long before the compliant and grateful young man began to be defiant, argumentative and challenging the decisions I made that he didn’t agree with.


After returning from the National Religious Broadcasters Convention, I sat him down and went over an agreement/contract, something that I failed to do from the very beginning as advised by several trusted individuals when I was praying about whether he was to return or not. I went over the reasons he stated he wanted to come back, one being to get help in his walk and relationship with Jesus. Another was his health issue and being back under doctor’s care and then allowing the Lord to deal with the painful emotional issues as He rebuilt him life. Three days after the agreement was signed, it was evident that he was not going to keep up with his part and the fact that he is now 18 years old and considered himself a man who didn’t have to abide by the rules he disagreed upon.


Please keep Miguel in your prayers!

The relentless love of God for us never ceases to amazes me as I see how God reacts and responds to me as a prodigal and led me sometimes in a corner where I had to surrender and return to Him. It’s difficult to watch those you love and care for willfully walking in rebellion to the Lord after all He has done but once again I had to make the difficult decision after several outburst of blatant disrespect and destructive behavior. He packed his bag and was going back to Belize City but had no money for the Water Taxi so I asked Elmer, my co-worker, if he would take him in. That lasted less than a week, he rented a room and began working for the same folks he had previously before he left the first time. He confessed to me on a recent visit that it is hard and that all of his earnings was going to food and rent. I smiled and told him that is a part of being a ‘big man’ and the consequences of choices he made. We agreed that he would come by once a week and we would work through some of the issues he was dealing with. Please continue to pray for Miguel as he under such intense opposition from the Enemy of his soul, the warfare but God remains faithful and He will prevail through your prayers as before!


Preach the Word: I was very fortunate to attend this years’ National Religious Broadcasters Convention, Proclaim 2018 in Nashville, Tennessee. With the passing of Billy Graham just prior to the Convention, hearts were stirred up and most of the Speakers encouraged us to follow the example of Billy Graham to preach the gospel using every means possible as Billy did. The impact that one man made on so many is truly profound and I believe many will use the example of one man who made himself fully available to God to spread the gospel in these trouble and exciting days.

It was good to see many of my fellow broadcasters and shared in rich fellowship and greatly challenged to pursue the Lord and the work he still has for me to accomplish in San Pedro Town, Belize. There were several highlights for me, seeing the Vice President of the United States and hearing him speak in person was one of the highlights. A outspoken believer in Jesus Christ and a fellow broadcaster before becoming a Senator was a thrill to know and to hear his heart for the gospel and the impact that it made on his life. Other highlights were spending time with the folks from Galcom and planning future visits, seeing my friends from Northwestern University who graciously provided a bed for my stay, touching base with those I only get to see once a year there and encouraged by their fellowship and friendship in the gospel. The NRB is always a refreshing time for me as I’m reminded why I do what I do and get my vision readjusted or inflamed. God spoke to my heart about several exciting things and I look forward to sharing them with you in upcoming Updates.

Clive interviewing the Founder of Galcom Allan McGuirl!

Things never seems to slow down with me and I’m finally getting comfortable with that and just press forward to do what I can and then leave the rest to the Lord. I still struggle with wanting to do so much as there’s so to do and needs to fulfill but I’m reminded lately that I’m just one person and that one person is not as young as he use to be. May God fulfill His calling and His will be done and my will be done away with. Thank for you for your faithful fellowship in the gospel in the various ways that you each participate, I am truly grateful!

In His love and grace,

Clive Welsh

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