Auction Page

Prepare yourself for an exceptional opportunity to acquire a wide array of remarkable items through our online auction. This event holds tremendous significance as it aims to provide crucial assistance to AIDS widows and AIDS orphans in Africa.

We are privileged to present a multitude of generous donations, including exclusive offerings from esteemed individuals such as Mike Trout, the prominent center fielder for Angels Baseball. Additionally, we have received clothing graciously contributed by the renowned American actress, Megan Fox. Notably, an original acrylic masterpiece by the world-renowned artist, Rascal, will be featured, alongside a collection of Roman coins, including a silver denarius from the reign of Emperor Tiberias, dating back to 14-37 AD. Among the treasures, you will also find baseball collectibles, antique US license plates, and cosmetics provided by Mindi Walters Skincare, esthetician to the Stars of Hollywood! And for all you Simpsons fans, Lance Wilder (Simpsons artist), will offer a personalized drawing 8.5 x 11 of on favorite character to an individual or family.

By participating in this distinguished auction, you will not only have the opportunity to bid on these exceptional items but also contribute to a noble cause. Join us as we come together to support those affected by AIDS in Africa.