Lighthouse Christian Radio Ministry Update: September to December 2017

Highlights of September: What God has done!

Clive Welsh praying at the Opening of the September Celebration.

September was the month of celebrating as the country of Belize gained its Independence from Great Britain on September 21, 1981. A young country of 36 years old and with all of its growing pains and issues, I find myself deeply burdened still for the young people of this country. September is also a month of personal celebration as I celebrated 23 years since returning to Belize on September 27, 1994. I replayed those first days of over and over in my mind recently and the people I’ve met from that very first trip and how my heart broke for many as I heard their stories then and got to journey with several of them through the difficulties of living in a poverty that exceeds that of lack of food and livelihood. The absence of belonging, being valued, security, structure, guidance and a father or father figure to model after and emulate manhood. The names and faces of so many danced through my mind and the times of listening to their anguished voices recalling the pain of neglect and loneliness, along with uncontrollable and bitter weeping as well as the times of joy and laughter!


Highlights of October: Sign of Hope

The HIV/AIDS Wall of Awareness

Tony and his wife was walking down the pathway in Town and saw the He Intends Victory sign painted on the wall. The words on the wall was, “There isn’t a cure for HIV/AIDS but there is a cure for the hopelessness to those who are HIV”. The word HOPE stood out to him and he called the number and realized it was the Lighthouse Christian Radio station that he had listened to for some time. He came by and was hesitant to ask for financial assistant for his pregnant to travel to Belize City for an ultrasound. I was away at the moment but my coworker called me and related the message that both Tony and his pregnant wife were both infected with HIV. We were blessed to pay their passage from funds donated specifically donated for this very purpose and they were so grateful for the assistance. He Intends Victory Belize was recently registered as a nonprofit ministry and have received donation which is overseen by the Board of Directors of Lighthouse Caribbean Christian Radio Ministry.

In the Shadows of the night!

Tony & Glenda returned a few days later to show me the ultrasound photos and to thank me for the money that made it possible. I shared with them about the gracious Christ followers who donated for folks just like them who are living with HIV and living with HOPE. They shared their story with me and how they will be traveling to a neighboring country for the delivery 2 weeks before the due date of the child arrival. It will be less costly for her to have a C-section there and will be surrounded by family who will assist during the recovery. They have since returned with the newborn and will update you in upcoming Updates; they are very interested in being a part of a Support Group for the purpose of encouraging one another, praying for each other and have a safe place to share their hearts, struggles and joys. If you would like to participate in this soon to be formed He Intends Victory Support Group, or find out other ways you can practically participate in serving alongside of us, please contact me!


Highlights of November: Teen Esteem offering guidance to teenagers.


Tim Barley addressing the San Pedro RC Primary School

My friend Tim Barley, a youth and family pastor and speaker of Teen Esteem was invited back to San Pedro High School to address both students and parents before the school year started at the Parents/Students Orientation. Because of the challenges students were facing soon after the semester started and many choosing very destructive practices, Tim was asked once again to address the student body and several ‘life skills classes’. Preferring the class room setting, he was able to engage the students in honest, open and productive conversations on stresses that they were facing and the high risk choices many were making. He spoke openly about self-harm, sexual promiscuity, drug & alcohol usage and the lifetime consequences of these choices. His team was in the southern district of Belize before coming to San Pedro for a very short time; upon arriving went directly to the RC Primary School where he address 4 Standard Six Classes, over 100 students and his presentation was well received by the students and teachers. That evening he addressed the freshmen class at the Adult Continuation School. The following day, Tim spent almost the entire day going from one class to the next where the students related well with him message as so many were going through some of the issues discussed. It was an extreme blessing for me to watch the light go on in the minds and hearts of students that I knew personally and have been praying for and reaching out to. I’m so grateful for Tim’s ability to relate God’s love to young people and consider it a great honor to work alongside of him in San Pedro Town!

San Pedro High Students hearing of the value of a life.










Highlights of December: The Cycle

May God do a work in these new High School Students lives!

Over the years I’ve observed and spoken often to guys that I’ve worked with about them repeating the very things that was done to them by their fathers unless they allow God to break the cycle. The responds are usually anger and adamant disagreement yet, painfully so I see it more times than not. This month was filled with a lot of late night calls with crying teens or sleepless nights as they needed a place to stay due to violence at home with mom’s live in boyfriend. Through the tear and sobbing he uttered, “If only my dad was alive I know things would be have been better.” After 3 months of his first year of High School he was expelled for fighting and one of the fights actually took place in the Vice Principal’s Office. It broke my heart when I sat with him at the Disciplinary Committee meeting since his mother was working and couldn’t attend she asked if I would attend in her place. He later admitted to me that following the wrong crowd and wanted so much to fit in which led to being arrested for causing ‘harm’ shortly after his second suspension from school. Now desperately wishing he could be back in school again with all of the regrets and ‘if only’. I’m seeing once again that apart from God’s intervention and a willingness to follow His lead, many of these guys will become the very thing that they hate.


Christmas Cheers to Children:

Over the past year I was blessed by meeting and developing friendship with the California Association of Justice of the Peace in Gardenia, California; Belizean JP who live in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. On my last visit to California to attend my good friend Eddie & Elizabeth’s wedding early December, I was invited to their monthly meeting where they were discussing a Toy Drive that they were doing. They asked me if I knew of some needy children in San Pedro who wouldn’t ordinarily receive much for Christmas and of course I responded with a resounding ‘yes’. Arrangements were made for me to bring a bag weighing exactly 50 pounds, stuffed with toys along with me and all the doors opened up smoothly with immigration, customs and transportation to get the bundle of gifts to San Pedro Town. With the help of a Board Member who runs a Preschool in a very poor area of San Pedro, yes there are several of such places here in paradise, who assisted me in delivering the gifts to them. She retold story after story of how overjoyed the children were and for many, this was their only gifts for Christmas. We were able to give them out in the Name of Jesus as a gift from the LA JP Association through Lighthouse Christian Radio Ministry, the San Pedro JP Association and the Brighter Tomorrow Preschool. The smiles says it all and tears flooded my eyes, gladness my heart to be a small part of bringing Christmas cheers to some children of San Pedro!

Smiling faces and happy hearts!

















It’s my sincere desire and heart to communicate to each of you who have faithfully traveled with me over the years, months, weeks and days in the ministry God has given me the privilege to serve Him. I cannot tell you how much I struggle to get Monthly Updates out to you and it has become so humorous the daily distractions each time I sit down to write, seriously! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your partnership, fellowship, and friendship in Christ to each one of you. This past year was extremely challenging, hard and tearful as well as joyful, fruitful and God-honoring.

As we are well into 2018 my prayers for you is that you will experience Jesus in your day to day and moment to moment walk in the Spirit. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your financial support, your prayers, encouragements and friendship in Christ!

Clive Welsh

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