Clive sharing at Kerstin & Marcus’s wedding in Germany.

Lives Touching Lives: I have been doing some reflections over the past year and it began when I went to Germany to participate in Kerstin, my German daughter’s wedding. I was asked to share how we met and the special relationship we shared  over the years, it was a surprise that her husband had arranged for the closing of the wedding ceremony. The word ‘tapestry’ came to mind and I shared how God allows special people in our lives to add to that beautiful work of art He is doing in us, with us and through us. While in Germany, I was able to meet with several dear friends I hadn’t seen for over 7 years and each one had been to Belize in the past. I was blessed to have had a part in their lives in some capacity or another and  they all made a point to meet up with me and shared some precious moments of fellowship and conversations. Each shared the impact I’ve made in their lives over the years and I was humbled and honored at the same time. One of those dear friends Janos Hench, who is affectionally known as my German son, that I met when he was in his late teens and in leadership in the Youth Ministry at the CC Siegen Church and have kept in touch over the years. The last time I saw him, his first child was only weeks old and now she was 7 years old. It was a precious time seeing Janos in the role as a loving husband, father of 4 beautiful children, and the pastor of a young and growing church. So honored for a small part of that great tapestry of God’s grace in their lives.


Lives touching lives in Bath, England!

Also, while in Europe on my way back from Germany, I stayed with the Weekes family in Bath, England. Amazing hospitality and times of reflection once again reminded me of ‘lives touching lives’ as I recalled the folks I had met over the years from Bath, which became known at the Bath Boys, five of them in total. Through Adrian Weekes, I met several of these guys many years ago when they were in his Sunday School class. Over the years  several of them were able to spend time with me in California and Belize. Now they are all married with kids and all doing well in various professions and ministry. Amazingly enough when I was in Bath, I was able to meet up with the parents of all of these guys who had become dear friends over the years and I marveled how the Lord orchestrated these times of fellowship. I was moved deeply as I heard reports about each guys and the parents expressing thanks and appreciation for the part I had in their lives at a very pivotal time in their growth and spiritual development. Humbled by the ways the Lord was at work when I had no idea at all just walking with Jesus and being available to Him and all the while He was touching and impacting lives and now I got to see some of the fruits. Lives touching lives!

Clive with Janos Hench in Hamburg, Germany (son and grandson)

As mentioned before, the phrase ‘lives touching lives’ made an impact on me shortly after committing my life to the Lord over 40 years ago when I heard a missionary Harold Charfant speaking. That has been the motto of my life and ministry ever since. As a missionary to the country of my birth, I’ve worn many hats; Radio Station, HIV/AIDS, Fatherless, Justice of the Peace, Counselor, Christian Leader, community involvement etc. are all capsulated in these three words ‘lives touching lives’ with the love of Christ. The stories are endless and the lives are many, I’ve been extremely blessed to be a part of their lives in one capacity or another.


Anthony Coleman, a story of hopelessness to hope!

Now I’d like to introduce you to Anthony, I had heard about this young boy on the News when he was electrocuted and as a result both arms were extremely burnt and needed to be amputated. Over a year ago I saw him in the neighborhood and began to talk with him and developed a special friendship. My heart went out to him and I couldn’t phantom the day to day challenges he faces and the adjustments he had to make. He was a little withdrawn but in time he began opening up to me and sharing his life and dreams. One such dream was to return to school which he didn’t think was a possibility since he had been out of school several years due to his accident. He didn’t think it would happen but after speaking with the Principal of San Pedro High School about Anthony’s desire, it wasn’t long before everything started falling into place and he was enrolled in Summer Classes followed by first year of High School. The generosity of a friend of Lighthouse Ministry donated his school fees, school bag, uniform, shoes, and  necessities for the pasted 2 years.  Anthony received ‘Student of the Month’ several times in his Freshman year and played on the football (soccer) team, and most recently participated on the school’s track & field team. Another of his greatest dream was to get prostatic arms and after a few setbacks an opportunity opened  up for him at Shriner’s Hospital in Louisiana for 2 months. He leaves on November 3rd and the entire community of San Pedro are assisting him in this venture.  Lighthouse Christian Radio Ministry in conjunction with the San Pedro Association of Justice of the Peace & Commissioners of the Supreme and the San Pedro Police Department will be having a ‘Dollar Drive’ to assist with travel funds and  warm clothes for the winter months in the US. His courage and unwavering desire to fulfill his dream has inspired many and I’m greatly blessed to know this young man and watching the Lord work in his life and touching lives through him!


“I never knew what is was like to have a father until I met you.” Dany Palma

Dany, I was ask by a youth leader to record a brief encouragement to the guys in his Discipleship Class of three young men who recently gave their lives to Christ at a Summer Camp. Later on that night I received a ‘friend request’ from two of the young men and one of them was Dany. A special friendship was developed with him through regular contact online through Messenger and through phone calls because he lived in Stann Creek District, a southern districts of Belize. This young man is quite the football (soccer) player and has represented Belize in the Under 17 National team in Panama, Guatemala and most recently in Florida and most recently in Costa Rica on the Under 18 National Football Team where they won 2nd Place. I finally got to meet him face to face last November when the He Intends Victory Team shared at his school, Independence High School. I found out through the youth leader that Dany’s family was extremely poor and sometimes he would go to school without money to purchase food. My heart was pierced when he opened up and told me how difficult it has been for him not having a father and all of the hard times he had endured as a result. I immediately adopted this young man in my heart and began helping him with his necessities and have been blown away by the depths of his gratitude. “Bro, you’ve become to me the dad I never had, thank you so much”. My heart overflow with gladness and at the same time such sadness thinking of so many talented, humble, intelligent and amazing young men I know who are in Dany’s situation. I am so honored to be able to function in a small way as a ‘stand-in dad’ and desire so much to give to them the things they’ve missed out on not having a dad. The words of my mother often echoes in my ear, “Clive when you have children, be to them all that you never had growing up without a father.”  I thank God that I’m able to do that for many over the years and so grateful for your partnership with me which enables me to touch lives of so many fatherless guys in Belize, a country that is wrecked with fatherlessness!


Meeting at a halfway point to get in the Word together!

Mentoring: I frend recently asked me how do I go about meeting the various guys that I know and get involved with, my response was instant as I shared how God would literally bring them to me in so many interesting ways and situation. Two such ‘divine appointments’ was meeting Franklin & Brian at a mutual friend’s wedding and in conversation found out that they were involved in ministry in Southern Belize. Shortly after meeting Brian he asked if I would mentor him as he is a young pastor in Punta Gorda with a small fellowship and wanted regular accountability and encouragement. Franklin also became a close friend and would contact me on a regular basis for fellowship as he was involved in Youth Ministry and. Now several years later, I’ve watched the Lord blessed these guys as outstanding leaders in their communities and examples to the flock God has but under their care. They call me Mentor, I call myself blessed and honored. It’s all about Lives Touching Lives!


Touching Base with Home Base: There hasn’t been a day that passes without me thinking about you my friends, supporters and encouragers. There are so many things that I want to share and updating you on my life and ministry and before I realize it, days have turned into weeks and weeks to months. It’s very important to me to have you in my corner first in prayers as the warfare is real and so often I feel so alone and knowing you’re praying for me brings great encouragement that words cannot express. Secondly, the need for financial mission support is greater than ever as my monthly support as dwindled like never before and I blame myself for that as I’ve not done my part in keeping in touch. Please know that is it not because I don’t want to, it is just non-stop with my day to day and the various things on my plate and people I’m involved with. Thank you for your understanding, your prayers and your faithful financial support without which I truly cannot do what I do on a daily and regular basis!

Proud mom very grateful to see her son back in school after accident!

Many new things and exciting changes ahead and I’ll do my very best to inform you shortly. Please pray for those mentioned in this Update.  Pray for the possibiltiy of moving the radio station, one of the exciting news ahead, and for the great need for helpers with all that is coming up. Please pray for your part is all of this both financially and practically. Please pray for partnerships with churches to come alongside of the Lighthouse Christian Radio Ministry as the needs are many!

Blessings and grace with much love,

Clive Welsh

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