The midnight blaze as seen from Clive's apartment door!

The midnight blaze as seen from Clive’s apartment door!

When you go through the Fire: It was a busy Sunday with two Preschool Graduation ceremonies, one I was an invited guest and other I was the Guest Speaker. Followed by a birthday dinner for Miguel celebrating turning 17 years old. Recorded an interview for future use followed by throwing a surprise birthday party for Miguel with several of his close friends and finally some peace and quiet. So I thought, as I turned on the TV to catch up on the  late night news having no idea that my little neighborhood was about to changed forever and without any advanced notice. Around 12:15 AM, I heard the sound of what I thought was rain falling on the rooftops and welcomed that sound thinking of the sweet sleep I was going to have with the raindrops hitting the neighbors roof. The sound increased and voices were getting louder and louder outside so I opened my door to see what was going on at such late hours. To my utter shock, across the street from my apartment about 2 buildings away, a fire was blazing and consuming several trees and had already destroyed a few small buildings. In total shock, I ran to the front of the building on our third floor praying every step of the way, and relieved to see the Fire Engine there which turned into panic when no water was coming from it.

Hundreds of residents & visitors join in the Bucket Brigade!

Hundreds of residents & visitors join in the Bucket Brigade!

The blazed was driven by a swift breeze as it got bigger and bigger; the gathering crowd quickly changed from observances to participants as lines were formed for ‘bucket brigade’. From the third floor we had front row seats to all that was taking place especially the flames which were higher than our building with only one building blocking us from the inferno. Waking up Miguel and wondering what we were to do next as many thoughts rushed through my head. Do we begin evacuating and if so what do we take; it was then that I was reminded that I was not suppose to lift anything over 10 pounds from my recent surgery. The words just kept coming from my mouth,” God help, God help.” He did indeed help as 2 Resorts brought their pump along with the over 1000 people in the ‘bucket brigade’ who subdued what was to be one of the worst fire in San Pedro’s history in the downtown area.


The activated Emergency Operation Center prepares to assist victims of fire!

The activated Emergency Operation Center prepares to assist victims of fire!

The National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) was activated and all the various agencies were at ‘ground zero’ for evaluation and assessment. I was asked to open the NEMO meeting with prayers and expressed thanksgiving to God for His mercy and faithfulness as there were no injuries or deaths. Buildings completely destroyed was 11, partially destroyed was 14, business places completely destroyed was 8, business places partially destroyed was 6. Total number of families affected was 27 with 96 totally affected. Total number of families with complete loss was 21and a total  number of people with complete loss was 68. It was a marvel to watch the entire town coming together along with visitors, tourist and volunteers from the mainland and within 5 days the burn-site was completely cleared and cleaned of all debris.

The Lighthouse tower in the background, one building away from blaze!

The Lighthouse tower in the background, one building away from blaze!

The thought constantly crossed my mind that we could of been among those listed above but for the grace of God. As a part of media, things were busy around Lighthouse as many radio updates, announcements and reports for the fire victims and the community were made as well as being available to pray, listen, encourage and counsel and residents. Please pray for the victims of the fire and those affected as they seek to get back to normal!

Clive participating in the Radio-thon to raise funds for fire victims at Reef TV!

Clive participating in the Radio-thon to raise funds for fire victims at Reef TV!

Faithful Friends to Lighthouse: The Berger family are faithful friends of mine for many years came to San Pedro for a short visit. Vicky, a flight attendant for a major airlines, have made it possible for me to fly on her stand-by status as a support to me for many years. Those have been tremendous blessings and truly the only way that I’ve been able to go back and forth for medical attention and necessary travels. Her husband Leon has served as our IT/Computer guy and has been a great help to us by actually building, repairing and maintaining the computers for Lighthouse Christian Radio. The entire family came down and Leon immediately jumped in with the computers while Vicky and Noel, their daughter, did a make-over of our Staff Apartment. It’s always a joy to have friends visiting even though I’m busy with the regular day to day task and not able to entertain, the Bergers having been here as a family several times, got around and made themselves at home. I’m so thankful for their partnering with us at the ministry of Lighthouse. I appreciate their faithful support, prayers and friendship in the gospel very much!


The Berger Family treating Clive & Miguel to dinner at Caliente's!

The Berger Family treating Clive & Miguel to dinner at Caliente’s!

Shining bright 12 Years later: Each year it seems as if July 15 sneaks up on me and I vow to be prepared next year to celebrate the anniversary of Lighthouse Christian Radio. Well the day came and went but what added an unexpected twist to this anniversary was that our FM600 Transmitter began giving problems and was shutting down on its own by rapid drop of wattage. It was evident that it was protecting itself from further damage so we quickly took it off air and used the back-up transmitter donated to us by Sharing Ministries years ago. I quickly called the folks at Sonset Solutions (formerly HCJB) located in Eckhart, Indiana and it was determined that I needed to get it to Crown, the manufactures since it was still under warranty, for repairs.

Clive in Indiana with Transmitter for repairs!

Clive in Indiana with Transmitter for repairs!

This happened on Thursday and by Sunday I was on a plane heading to Indiana with the transmitter and a constant mental reminder that I’m still in my recovery stage and not able to lift over 10 pounds. The Lord provided rapidly with a stand-by ticket, a place to stay with my good friends the Fish family, a ride from the airport to their home, and transportation back and forth to Crown while in Indiana. The Lord was so good in providing someone to lift the 51 pound case housing the transmitter every time I needed it lifted and I was very grateful for his constant care for me every step of the way. It was determined that a lightning strike had torched the connector and that was ‘an easy fix’ according to the engineer who detected it immediately upon removing the cover. It was repaired instantly and put on overnight observation and then the long wait for extra connectors  being shipped from Galcom International in Canada which took a couple days.

The Fish Family celebrating their adopted daughter's 3rd birthday!

The Fish Family celebrating their adopted daughter’s 3rd birthday!

A very special treat: Caryn & Brenton Fish were the incredible friends I stayed with that hosted me during my short stay in Indiana. I met Brenton at the Billy Graham’s Amsterdam 2000 Conference where we became very good friend and have kept in touch over the years. They’ve been to Belize back in 2005 to conduct a Basketball Camp and the next time I saw them was when I took our previous transmitter for service several years ago. That is when I met their 2 boys and on this trip I meet their newly adopted daughter from China was celebrating her 3rd birthday; I got to attend her birthday party. It was so amazing hearing their story and observing the love both boys have, that is what sparked the idea in my mind of recording an interview with them for an upcoming program on Adoption. It was truly and honor to watch this godly family in action and the love they have for Jesus and how it is lived out in so many practical ways. They took such good care of me and very grateful for their hospitality while in Indiana!

So much has developed since the writing of this Update and it has been nonstop down here that I’ll do my best to get another Update out as soon as possible with the latest on Hurricane Earl, the damages to San Pedro & Lighthouse, Miguel, Lighthouse needs, and other happenings in the life of Clive as I continue to serve the Lord Jesus Christ by serving the people of San Pedro Town, Belize! Thank you for your consistent and appreciated support through prayers, encouragement and finances that enables me to do what I do. Thank YOU!


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