July 2015 125 (478x640)I live in an absolutely beautiful place with breathe taking sunsets, brilliant sunrises, turquoise blue sea, the largest living barrier reef in the western hemisphere with coconut trees swaying to the tropical breeze on the Caribbean Sea. Almost sounds as if I’m making a sale pitch for a real estate company or advertising for tourism industry but I often forget what a tropical paradise San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye really is. My day to day ministry involves bringing Light to those living in darkness and as a result are broken, damaged and hurting. We seek to do that through the airwaves of Lighthouse Christian Radio, face to face conversations & relationships, Friday Night Bible Study, counseling, and discipling/mentoring opportunities. I have daily opportunities to share the gospel with my neighbors, on the streets, in the schools and classrooms in San Pedro as well as to tourists and travelers from all over the world who visit our Jewel. The very theme of the radio station is ‘shining the Light in darkness’ and the motto of my life and ministry is ‘live touching live’ and I count it a great honor to serve the Lord Jesus in this place where He has placed me to touch and impact lives that will benefit them into eternity.


The New ImpaX Radio; fixed tuned, solar powered, and Audio Bible.

The New ImpaX Radio; fixed tuned, solar powered, and Audio Bible.

ImpaX Radio: As stated in our last Update, we’ve ran out of the Galcom Fixed-Tuned- Solar powered radio that was fixed tuned on Lighthouse FM 101.3 that we’ve distributed all over San Pedro Town over the 11 years of broadcasting. It has been a very difficult task daily for us to explain to those who come to the radio station asking for them or if we’ve received a shipment as yet. I’m not exaggerating when I say that at least 3 inquirers daily asking or when I meet them on the streets of town. The next generation in missionary technology is a combination of the old Go-Ye radio with the Mega voice audio Bible to create the ImpaX, a solar powered fix-tuned radio and Audio Bible all in one. As mentioned, in the past Galcom USA & Galcom Canada would absorb over half of the cost and a faithful donor who has since passed away, would take care of the remaining portion of the funds. The radios are shipped in 10 boxes with each box of 100 and each radio cost $30.00 US dollar. Our portion would be $15.00 US each totally $1,500.00 per box of 100. I realize it is an awful lot to ask for donation for the entire shipment but the thought came to me to see if you or anyone you know would like to sponsor a half a box of 50 or an entire box of 100. Perhaps your church or a ministry in your church would like to be a part of getting these radios in the hands and listening ear of those who are so dependent on them. With these new ImpaX Radio, they will have the ability to charge them in the sun and either listen to Lighthouse 24/7 or listen to the Bible be read in English or Spanish. I cannot express fully what a lifeline these radios are to those who don’t have electricity, construction workers while they work and especially the night watchmen, not to mention when we are experiencing prolong electrical blackout or in the event of a hurricane or national disaster. Please prayerfully consider this opportunity and email me if you’d like to help!

Clive Welsh sharing in the Life's Skills Class for the girls in the Hope House!

Clive Welsh sharing in the Life’s Skills Class for the girls in the Hope House!

Trip to North Carolina: On Eagles Wings Ministries, a ministry offering help and hope to those who were involved in human trafficking and sexual exploitation, have establish a chapter in San Pedro Town and I’m one of the Belize Board of Directors from the beginning. Property purchased for a building which would house an counseling office, Center for S.H.I.N.E (Shaping Healthy Identity Nurturing Empowering) girls which recently graduated its first class of 13 girls. The opportunity arose for me to visit the ministry based in Charlotte and to meet some of the Board members and see firsthand the various aspects of OEWM. I was very impressed and blessed to visit their Hope House where they house teenage girls coming off of the street and prostitution and provide a safe place for healing and restoration while attending classes at the Home and receiving their High School diploma. I visited the Fields Of Hope where survivors are taught leadership skills, job skills and financial independence through mentoring while making hand-made products for income. I was able to spend time learning about the ministry from the president, Emily Fitchpatrick who is one busy person I’ve shadowed for that short time in Charlotte. I was really glad I got to learn about the many aspects of this ministry and honored to be apart of this fruitful ministry and looking forward to what the Lord will do with the San Pedro Town branch!

Products made by girls  at the Fields of Hope!

Products made by girls at the Fields of Hope!

Fifteen years later: While in North Carolina, I was able to spend time my host from the Amsterdam 2000 Billy Graham Conference. It was 15 years to the very date since I last saw her and when she found out I was going to be in the area, we made arrangements for a visit and was greatly refreshed by the time spent with them. We’ve kept in touch over the years and she has faithfully sent me birthday, Christmas, and Easter cards for the past 15 years along with being a great encourager and faithful prayer warrior for me and the ministry over years. The hospitality was amazing and I was greatly refreshed. I was able to visit the Cove, the Billy Graham Training Center as well as Billy Graham Library and Birthplace. These were 2 of the places I never imagined I’d ever be able to visit and was very fortunate to learn more of the man that God has greatly used over the years and the impact his ministry has had worldwide and in my life personally. I’m a very blessed man to have so many special friends like the Daigles!

Clive reuniting with Wilma Diagle after 15 years!

Clive reuniting with Wilma Diagle after 15 years!

Signs of the Times: As shared previously, the first of its kind Gay Pride Festival is scheduled for San Pedro this coming September and the response of the Evangelical Alliance of San Pedro was to joined together for the 3rd Monday of each month in united prayers for our island and it’s sever needs as well as those involved in this event. We, the EASP and the San Pedro Catholic priest, met with the Mayor and shared our concerns and the already challenges for the family which is a great concern for him as well. It was made very clear to the Mayor that the pastors are here to minister and serve all people and not focusing on what we are against but rather what we are for and ministering God’s love for the lost no matter what their sexual preference and seeking to bring wholeness, health and help through the gospel of Jesus Christ. We will be meeting with the EASP and planning a Family Focus Day for San Pedro and working alongside of the Catholic Church in ministering God’s heart for the people and families of our beautiful Island!

Mayor of San Pedro, Danny Guerrero listens intently to pastors sharing our concerns!

Mayor of San Pedro, Danny Guerrero listens intently to pastors sharing our concerns!

Warfare intensifies: I’ve used my Facebook page mainly for ‘information, inspiration, and instruction’, the same general focus for the radio ministry; and recently posted about the Monday evening joint prayer meeting and that we were going to be joined by some of our brethren from Belmopan. A few days after the prayer meeting, I received a long message from a neighbor who revealed that he was ‘gay’ and expressed his strong opinion and called me intolerant and lacking love for the homosexual community. The message was obviously venting his anger of what we were doing and I couldn’t help but take it personal. I quickly reminded myself that this battle was not with flesh and blood and thus needed to be respond  accordingly. Wanting to respond to his message and not knowing where to begin, I prayed and was given a brief opportunity to speak with him in person where I expressed my heart and the purpose I exist on the island and never had I disrespected him and the many ‘gays’ that I know on the island and though I don’t agree with their practices I have prayed for, ministered to, counsel and have spent hours listening to and working alongside of many personally as well as through the He Intends Victory (HIV/AIDS ministry). He wants to talk further on the matter. I suspect that this is the first of many such conversation that will occur and my prayer is that I will accurately and lovingly represent Jesus Christ, the Savior who loved us all and gave Himself for us as a payment for our sin so we can now say, ‘Such were some of us but we’ve been washed, set apart and justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God.’

Burglary & thief are on the rise in San Pedro Town!

Burglary & thief are on the rise in San Pedro Town!

Attempted break-in: A few minutes to 3:00 AM last Sunday night, between sleep and wake because I was coughing all night with the flu, I heard a continuous rattling of my bedroom window. I looked up to see the shadow of a dark person seeing to gain entrance. The windows were opened 1/3 of the way but secured with a rod to allow airflow but could not be opened any further. I did this since the last attempt some 4 to 5 years ago. I remind you that this is on the 3rd floor and the ledge that the person was on was about 3 inches thick making it very difficult and a challenge to the thief nonetheless. Unaware fully of that was going on, I yelled loudly at him which startled him and he quickly shimmed himself to the landing and scaled the wall down making good his escape by jumping over the side gate. I yelled at him again and tossed a rod narrowly missing him. After gathering my composure I set chase after him as he disappeared in the early morning darkness. I found out later that the only thing missing was my travel pouch with various chargers, adapters, and a cell phone used by visiting missionaries. The next day I was at the Police Station, where just days before I was introducing myself to, praying for and welcoming the New Officer in Charge of the San Pedro Police Formation and now I was there filing a police report. I was told that thief/burglary are on the rise and is highest reported crime on the island. Thanking God for His protection and the minimal loss of person belongings!


Clive Welsh and US Ambassador at Reception at residence of the Ambassador!

Clive Welsh and US Ambassador at Reception at residence of the Ambassador!

US Ambassador Reception: Emily Fitchpatrick, president of On Eagles Wings Ministries was invited to a Reception hosted by US Ambassador to hear from a Belizean who recently returned from Washington DC as a part of the prestige Hubert Humphrey Fellow Program on Trafficking Persons. Emily asked if I would attend this and represent her and OEWM at the Ambassador’s residence near the US Embassy in Belmopan. Amidst all that was going on I felt it necessary to attend and was honored to share about the SHINE program and the new developments of OEWM San Pedro. After hearing the presentation I met several heads of the Belize Police Department, the CEO of the Human Development, Magistrate and several of the US Embassy staff and personal. Belize was recently reported of being on the State Department Tier list of countries with very few prosecution of human traffickers and those involved with and combating this were invited to this event. I believe I was the only Christian ministry represented there and was glad to share some of what is currently being done in San Pedro. Many of law enforcement in attendance remembered Emily and OEWM for a training that she was involved in at the US Embassy upon the request of the U.S. State Department several years ago!


Prayers, thanks and praises: Thank you for taking the time to read this latest Update and the important part you play in the country of Belize through this ministry. Please pray for the various issues covered; people, events, needs and fruitfulness of the Word going out through the airways of Lighthouse Christian Radio and lives I’m involved with on a day to day basis.


-Please pray for an inroad into the San Pedro High School with the gospel with the highest enrollment of over 600 students. Please pray for the students who have heard the gospel that the seed would be watered and God would save!

-Pray for the planning of the Family Focus Day in San Pedro; wisdom & guidance.

-Please pray for Philip from Alaska as he is praying about joining the Staff full time as a missionary.

-Please pray about our need for 1000 the solar-powered, fixed tuned with the audio Bible; ImpaX Radio and your involvement in providing for those whose spiritual lifeline is Lighthouse Christian Radio!


Blessings of His great grace and unending love,


Clive Welsh


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