Clive Welsh giving the Opening Prayer at the 10th of September Ceremony.

Clive Welsh giving the Opening Prayer at the 10th of September Ceremony.

Reflection: It was this very month, September 1994 when I stepped off the plane and was on Belize soil, the land of my birth, after being away 27 years. I had no idea that 21 years later I would be so rooted in the lives of many and become an active resident and a missionary to my own country. As I look back and rehearse the past twenty one years in my mind, I’m humbled by the grace of God in allowing me to serve Him in so many capacities from developing relationships with key pastors and leaders in the country which led to facilitating Pastor/teacher Seminar to equip them, which led to meeting a group of hungry folks for God’s Word from Spanish Lookout, a Mennonite Community which is now an established Church that is being very effective in teaching the Word of God and equipping the folks for the work of the ministry. Exposing believers from all over the world to the needs of this small country through working with Mission teams for several of those years which led to putting a face on HIV/AIDS in the country, which is still #1 in Central America since 1999. I’ve watched God work in ways never imagined or thought of like dropping the Radio Station in my hands and getting me so engrained in the San Pedro Town community. On a more personal level, I’ve seen God confirmed His Word to me when He first called me in the ministry many years ago, “Now we exhort you brethren, warn those who are unruly, comfort the faint hearted, uphold the weak, be patient with all.” I’ve had the privilege of coming alongside many fatherless guys and be a stand-in dad or father figure and watching many lives come to know the love of their Heavenly Father and being a tool of healing to many who are scared, hurt and damaged by the lack of a father. Even as I sit here and write this and the memories flashes through my mind and heart, the only words that come to mind is, “Who am I?” My heart’s response is truly, “To God be the glory, great things He has done, is doing and will do.”

At the signing of Agreement between San Pedro Town and Canada, Clive was asked to pray!

At the signing of Agreement between San Pedro Town and Canada, Clive was asked to pray!


Making the Needs Known: You may have noticed that in my Monthly Updates very little, if any, mentions of financial support. I’ve been taught well by Pastor Chuck Smith over the years to never make money a focus of the ministry but to simply make the needs known. I was informed this past week that my financial

Roberto & Allan doing odd jobs at Lighthouse for school supplies while learning to be responsible!

Roberto & Allan doing odd jobs at Lighthouse for school supplies while learning to be responsible!

support is at an all time low as never before. Based on the donations given by supporters like you, I’m given a salary bi-monthly which provides for my needs: rent, food, utility bills, etc. As many of you who knows me personally know that I support many young people (sons) financially with school fee, clothes, school supplies, doctor bills, and always try to have food available for those who come by often and are in need. I’m very frugal, some call me cheap, but I’ve learned early as a missionary living on support to use extreme care and diligence with the Lord’s funds and I’m extremely grateful for His provisions. Enough said and as much as I don’t like saying it, I think it is necessary for me to be honest with you and just to make the needs know. Thank you very much for all who have supported me and the ministry in Belize over the years and “may God continue to supply all of your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:18, 19.

The Weapon of Prayers: We have been meeting every third Monday of the month as a group of Churches and believers (Evangelical Alliance of San Pedro) to pray specifically about the planned Gay Pride Festival that was to take place the early part of September. Several pastors and believers from the across the nation made the trek to San Pedro recently and met with the Mayor and Town Council for the sole purpose of praying for the Town. The hotel where the event was to be held were very silent about weather of not the event was still on and the silence was finally broken when it was obvious that the event did not get sufficient response and was cancelled. That was the very thing that we were praying for and really felt that concentrated prayer was to be our part and thus the monthly prayer meeting. A pastor from the mainland commented at a recent Thanksgiving Praise & Worship time that it was nothing short of a miracle as this event was advertised globally via the internet. It was at one of these prayer meetings while praying for the many needs of the island: leaders, crime situation, families in crisis, children and our youth that the Lord impressed it on my heart to pray for the students, staff and teachers of the San Pedro High School on a regular basis. I shared this with a member of the Evangelical Alliance and found out that she has been fasting and praying for the High School and was excited to join me. We meet at 7:00 AM on Monday mornings at the high school before classes start and have been interceding for the 620 students, the largest enrollment to date, the teachers and staff. We have had some very powerful times of prayer as well as intense warfare and greatly encouraged at the same time. Please join us in prayers every Monday morning for half an hour where ever you might be and stand in the gap for these students. Thanks so much!

Praying for the 620 students at the High School early Monday Mornings!

Praying for the 620 students at the High School early Monday Mornings!

Miss San Pedro 2014/2015: I met Michelle Nunez a year ago when she was crowned Miss San Pedro and shortly after I was able to interview her for our weekly show “Who’s Who in San Pedro”. I really sensed that I was going to get to know this young lady and was really taken by her genuineness. I mentioned her to Emily Fitchpatrick of On Eagles Wings as a person she needed to meet and that was followed with many ‘divine appointment’ and ‘God incidences’ that led to Michelle’s involvement with On Eagles Wings and SHINE group was birth. We began working closely together as we’re both on the Belize Board of Directors. Several weeks ago Michelle passed on her crown and sash to Iris Salguero, the new beauty ambassador who had expressed a desire to assist with the SHINE girls but her focus will be working with the Food Bank and Feeding Program on the island. It is exciting to see how God used Michelle as an example to many but especially to the six ladies who were contesting for the title of Miss San Pedro. I really believed that she has set a precedence for all to follow, using her role to give back to the San Pedro community. Michelle will be starting her second session of SHINE with a new group of girls starting in October and she is really excited that she’ll have more time to devote to the girls. Please pray for Michelle as well as volunteers with a heart to disciple and pour into girls who are susceptible to fall prey to exploitation and trafficking. If you know of someone who would be able to serve in this capacity as a missionary for 6 months or more, please contact me!

Michelle Nunez just a week before passing the crown to Iris Salguero, the new Miss San Pedro.

Michelle Nunez just a week before passing the crown to Iris Salguero, the new Miss San Pedro.

He Intends Victory returns to Belize: At the start of next month, a crew of eleven from the He Intends Victory Ministry will be coming to Belize to minister to those infected and affected with HIV/AIDS. This year the team will spend time in Belize City, San Ignacio/Santa Elena, and San Pedro Town. We’re in the middle of making plans at schools, churches, support group, hospitals, radio & TV, and hopefully personal visits with People Living with HIV as several of the team are themselves infected and will be sharing their stories and the hope they have in Christ. Please pray for the 10 days, October 1-10 and that students would be warned, challenged and avoid becoming a part of the growing statistics as Belize is still #1 in Central America with those infected with HIV/AIDS. Also pray that the team would have many ‘divide appointments’ to share the gospel of hope with those who are need Jesus!


"There's no cure for HIV/AIDS but there is a cure for the hopelessness found in Jesus Christ."

“There’s no cure for HIV/AIDS but there is a cure for the hopelessness found in Jesus Christ.”

Women of Excellence: I had this thought come to mind a year or so ago of having prominent Christian Belizean women share their story of God raising them up from the gutter to become greatly used by Him. I thought about the radio station sponsoring such an event but placed it on the back burner until the recent establishing of SHINE San Pedro (Shaping Healthy Identity by Nurturing and Empowering). The High School counselor was very excited when I shared it with her and so were the folks from the team that On Eagles Wings Ministries will be bringing down in November. A good friend Shelly Usher, a businesswoman in Belmopan quickly responded to the invitation as she has a huge heart for girls and  involved with a Girl’s Home for sexually abused for many years. She recommended another woman to join her to tell her story of God’s power to her from a painful past. Please begin to pray for this half day session for over 320 high school girls. The school has changed the class schedule to accommodate this event and has also asked me if I can get a speaker for the 300 plus young men during the same time. Needless to say, I’m excited for this opportunity to impact the entire student body. Please prayers for God to bring the right person to share with these high school guys!

Desiring to make an impact in tomorrow leaders!

Desiring to make an impact in tomorrow leaders!

Additional Prayers:

-Pray for donors for our Galcom Radios; we ran out of the fixed-tuned-solar-powered radio and asking for donors of several boxes, a single box or half a box. The radios will also include the audio Bible in English and Spanish for us to give out to the residents who do not have a radio nor electricity and for those who work the overnight or late night shifts.


-Please pray for Phillip, a radio missionary, who is desiring to come down to assist us. He is needing a monthly support base; confirmation for him and the Board Members.


-Please pray for the planning of a Christian Concert/Family Day for October 31 as Eddie K & Dusty Workman of Evidence of Journey will be coming down again to share.


-Please pray for my personal time in the midst of being short handed with the demands of many on my time; wisdom to know when to say ‘no’.



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