Over 15 years ago the thought of a name for the newly acquired radio station in the heart of San Pedro Town on the island of Ambergris Caye, an island thirty five miles off of the coast of  the mainland of Belize, kept running through my mind. I wanted a name that would be fitting for an island but would clearly describe what our vision and purpose was as a Radio Ministry. The word Lighthouse came to mind and immediately following were the words; hope, safety, comfort, peace, assurance, and rest. For a ship caught is the high winds and raging waters of a storm, these words would flood the mind and heart of  a ship’s captain  as he would see the first glimpse of a Lighthouse in the distance after being lost at Sea. Before the invention of GPS, the Lighthouse was the only navigational tool available So is the Light of Christ and the Word of God to those stranded in the sea of life being battered by the winds, waves, obstacles and storms both externally and internally. Our motto ‘Shining the Light in Darkness’ was appropriate since so many flock to this small island in search for a paradise in which to indulge themselves in every worldly pleasure imaginable. San Pedro being the number one vacation destination for the  entire country of Belize and the dreamland for those living on the mainland of Belize!


White Ribbon Day proclaiming praises through the streets of San Pedro Town!

Celebration: Plans were in the making for an outreach hosted by the Evangelical Alliance of San Pedro as ‘On The Go Ministries’ was coming to San Pedro during the very same time of our 14th Anniversary, July 15. They were here previously and I had gotten to know the music group, White Ribbon Day so I asked if they would be able to join us in our celebration. We had the Lighthouse Anniversary Parade with the band on a decorated flatbed truck singing praise & worship songs as they cruised down the main streets of San Pedro Town. It was a first for them to actually sing while parading on a moving vehicle but it was great hearing Christian music blaring through the town proclaiming praises to the Lord intermitted with the Lighthouse jingles, “Shining the Light in Darkness”. The parade ended at the Central Park where the Mayor Daniel Guerrero shared the important role that the Christian Station played in San Pedro as well as short speeches from prominent residents of San Pedro Town. Mr. Castillo, the owner of Castillo’s Hardware who sponsored our Evening News program for the past 14 years was given a token of our appreciation and he shared encouraging words. My heart was warmed as I heard of the impact that Lighthouse had made in the lives of the listeners and that it was having an impact in San Pedro Town and perhaps in lives that we will never know until we get to Heaven!


Ron from Galcom Canada repairing transmitter cable!

Challenges: A few months later, our broadcast transmitter began indicating that something severely was wrong and shut itself down for its own protection. Calls were made to our ministry partner Galcom and the troubleshooting began. The main thought was that the aged, weathered and rusting antennas were the problem. So climbing the tower and taking pictures were required several times and plans were made for one of their technicians/engineers to come down and investigate the problem and make necessary repairs. It took us a full month before someone (Ron) was able to come down from Canada and during that time we continued broadcasting on the internet through our streamer. This was another ‘first’ for us as we had never been off the air for this length of time; something that God really used in my life to teach me many valuable lessons. Another blessing was hearing the stories of many listeners who were expressing great sadness because they were missing their ‘favorite programs’. The ones who had access to internet tuned in and listened to the streamer but many  of our listeners tuned in to their FM radios or our fixed-tuned Galcom Impax radios. The problem turned out to be the broadcast cable which was replaced and we’ve been back on the air since October and grateful to continue “Shining the Light in Darkness”.


Installing antenna on our first 10 ft. (pole) tower back in 2004!

Changes: Several years ago, the Founder of Galcom Canada Allan and his wife Flo visited us and upon looking at our antennas and tower, he remarked that due to the rust, corrosion and the elements that we might have  a good 2 to 3 years before they would have to be replaced. I told him that we have been praying about possibly relocating and waiting on the Lord as to the when, where and how; we’ve kept an open eye, ears and continue to pray. The thought and hope was that by the time we found a new location, the Lord would provide all that is necessary for new antennas and a tower for the move. We’ve seen the providence of God in placing us smack dab in the center & core of the Town and marvel at all that He has done in the fourteen plus years of radio ministry. Being convinced that there are new things He has in mind for me and the various ministries and service I’m involved in currently, my prayers have been for very clear directions for the future. Recently a door is opening before us for a new location and it’s been in our prayers ever since and waiting very patiently for specific confirmation and provisions. I’m ecstatic at the possibilities ahead and at the same time wanting so much to know His heart and mind, without that and only then will I undertake such a challenge. I’m reminded continuously, “Where God guides, He will provide” and “If His peace isn’t there, then neither should I.”


Dennis Requena & I setting up for our very first broadcast day in 2004!

Calling: As I come to the end of this overview of Lighthouse Christian Radio Ministry and the years of service to San Pedro Town & Caye Caulker, it is imperative to make known to you that the need for help is greater now than ever before. As mentioned before and in previous Updates, there’s so much to do and I find myself very limited with the constant reminder that I’m not as young as I use to be. I don’t like to admit it but the fact is that there’s only so much one person can do.  My one and only staff, Elmer Montero is doing all of the day to day operations in the studio: downloading programs, programming our Station Playlist for 24 hours of broadcasting, preparing and delivering the Nightly News, and maintaining the computers for production and broadcasting. I’m left with overseeing him and the various administration duties of the radio station along with being called upon at any moment for serving the community as a Justice of the Peace, listeners coming by for counseling/just to talk or pray, and a variety of  needs that comes up by phone calls, availability at High School, meetings, etc. I will share in the next updates some of the things that are on my heart. There’s a need for an assistant; someone God has been preparing their hearts to serve alongside of us. As we look into the strong possibility of us relocating and updating our equipment, along with that comes the need for both long & short term help. If you know of someone who have been dying for an opportunity to serve the Lord or if your Church Body has a mission department or knows of mission minded and full-hearted servants who are willing to make themselves available to Jesus to touch and impact lives down here, please prayerfully direct them towards me!


Celebrating in San Pedro Central Park what God has done and is doing with Lighthouse Christian Radio FM 101.3

Christian Radio has and continues to be greatly used of the Lord as it penetrates through; physical and spiritual walls and goes into the deepest parts of our souls in ways that are as numerous as people’s needs. It gives me great joy to know that God has placed me in such a vital and powerful ministry. I want to express thanks to all of our family of broadcasters; some of the most gifted and anointed Bible Teachers whose teaching programs we air, some from the very beginning. I’m especially grateful to those who paid for airtime which allows us to pay the rent, utilities, and our one staff. In all we have 5 paying programs and I always marvel that the bills are paid each month. My mission support is completely separate from the radio station which is humorous to me because so many of the local residents think that I am a rich American and has no idea that I truly live ‘hand to mouth’. I have given up trying to explain it to them and truly thankful to the Lord for those of you whose monthly support or one time gifts has provided for my needs. Thank you!

Looking forward to co-laboring with you in 2019 through the airways of FM 101.3 as we continue to “Shine the Light in Darkness to all San Pedro, Caye Caulker and beyond.”

Serving Him with you,

Clive Welsh

Lighthouse Christian Radio Ministry

Corner Buccaneer Street & Pescador Drive

P.O. Box 166 San Pedro Town,

Ambergris Caye, Belize

Central America