Dan Davis, Jon Fleetwood, and I just got back from our 2 week “Blessing Tour” of our work in Malawai and Tanzania. We call it a “Blessing Tour” because we really want to be a blessing to so many who are facing live with AIDS. Yet, when it’s all said and done, we are the blessed ones!

Bishop Frank Chisale is our Country Director in Malawi, one of the poorest countries in the world. Life expectancy is just 54 years here and over 1,100,000 people are living with HIV and AIDS everyday including 130,000 children. Sadly no AIDS medications are given out here so most people, once contacting HIV will only live 1 to 5 years. And even worse in a country of 16 million people, 530,000 children are AIDS orphans struggling to live life. He Intends Victory brings hope…the hope of Jesus Christ. Frank and his team do a wonderful job of AIDS education, food, care, orphan care, and the love of Jesus to thousands in this needy country.

Pastor Frank Luvanda, our Country Director of Tanzania is equally dedicated to serving those living with HIV and AIDS in Tanzania. Because the AIDS medications are available to the 2 million people living with HIV here, their life expectancy is just over 60 years. But there is still great poverty and need. Frank and his great team took us into the homes of AIDS widows who struggle to pay $ 7.50 a MONTH in rent to provide shelter for their children. People living with AIDS find it extremely difficult to get work…no one will hire them and most are stigmatized for being positive. So they struggle but WE help in the name of Jesus. What joy fills their hearts when He Intends Victory becomes an answer to many of their prayers. Here we provide AIDS education, food, care, micro-economics and much more.

Please pray for our TWO Franks! These great men of God and their teams on the front-lines everyday with the love of God and the hope that only Jesus can give, that of eternal life.