Belize & Beyond Mission: August 2011

 “And he did what was right in the sight of the Lord, and walked in all the ways….he did not turn aside to the right hand or the left.” 2 Kings 22:2

During my time away from Belize, I’ve been reflecting on various aspects of my life and ministry while reading the Books of Kings. One of the many things that caught my eyes and gripped my heart is the effect that a person in leadership can have on the direction of an entire nation, city or ministry and the lasting results on those presently and those to come. Decisions, choices and examples that I make will affect those in my spheres of influence and all of it will be determined by my walk with the Lord and not turning from the right or the left in my commitment to Him. My prayer is that I am found dwelling in His Presence and in so doing will leave behind a sweet fragrance for Christ in the lives along my brief pilgrimage in his life. And truly touch lives that in turn will touch other for Jesus Christ!


Lives touching lives: Netherlands 

Ron & Lia Zwann with Clive on recent trip to Netherlands.

With all of the preparations in place for my departure from Belize: radio station operation/staff, schedules, bills, and plans in place for the next few weeks. Along with wrapping up the past month of teams/interns, their accounting, final plans for last team/interns departure, unpacking and packing; I was finally boarding a plane for Dallas, Texas where I slept for almost an entire day. My host was wondering what was wrong when I emerged from the bedroom in the afternoon! It was them off to Europe for a needed time of rest and refreshment, thanks to frequent flier miles and cheap flights on Easy Jets. Little did I realize that this was to be an anniversary of sorts; it was 11 years ago that I attended the Billy Graham’s Amsterdam 2000 Conference where God did a significant work in my heart which led me to full time mission work in Belize as well as meeting a person who has since become one of my dearest and closest brother in Christ, Ron Zwaan. Ron & Lia blessed me with an amazing time of rest, refreshment, great food and fellowship mixed with many laughter and reflections of the great things that God has done in our lives over the past eleven years. So many of the promises the Lord made to me during that conference has been fulfilled and it was exciting to be back at that very place to recall what He had done and to be encouraged once again by new things and promises He has now placed in my heart for the next season of my life and ministry. I also spent time with a Dutch family that I met in Belize and performed their son’s wedding several years ago, small world indeed! I’m so grateful to the Lord for priceless, precious and special people He has touched my life with which enables me to do the same to others!

Clive being interview at Widcombe Baptist Church in Bath, England about the work in Belize!

Lives touching lives: Bath, England

It was then off to Bath, England where I spent several days with friends there and again, I marveled at the precious people that I had gotten to know over the years. It’s all a part of His live touching our lives and bonding us so deeply in His love and grace. An amazingly long and precious story as I look back on it all with such awe and gratitude to the Lord for blessings me with such precious friendships and fellowship. Long story short; from a meeting with Adrian Weekes through a mutual British friend in 1994 in Preston, led to meeting five British young men, 4 from the City of Bath and developed very special relationships. That was the start of hosting several of them years later on their ‘gap year’ or subsequent visits to California and Belize over the past 11 years. More recent, and a young lady, the sister of 2 of the guys, will be heading to Belize in a few weeks. Each is a remarkable story of God touching lives and enabling us to touch others lives.

Andy Young & Hugh Evans, guys Clive met many years ago in Bath and met up with them on his recent trip!

The value of these friendships are priceless to me and being welcomed into their hearts and home in times like this leaves me speechless and humbled. I’m received such godly examples, rich encouragement, practical counsel, and great hospitality which made the five day spent there a tremendous blessing. A short time but was able to connect with several of the guys, one took the train from Oxford to have lunch with me and then travelled back after. God has truly blessed me with a very large family indeed and provided me with special times of rest and refreshment with special people of which I give Him great praise and thanksgiving for each one!


Clive with Anja, Glorie and Janos in Cafe at CC Siegen, Germany!

Lives touching lives: Siegen, Germany

Over eight years ago a group of 9 from Siegen, Germany came to Belize for a mission trip which started as a result of a brief encounter with Janos Hench when he was visiting CC Saving Grace. Who would have ever imagined that would have been the beginning of connections that would have lasted all of these years with very precious and special relationships. Actually, out of the 9 who originally went to Belize on that mission trip, six of them have returned to Belize and some several times. Simon Friedrich was one who served a year with me at Lighthouse Christian Radio and prior to that Janos Hench helped me with my recovery after surgery. Interestingly enough, the purpose of my visit was to see Janos & Anja’s newly born daughter Glorie. Janos has become like a son to me from that first time meeting and my last visit to Germany was for his wedding 21 months ago.

Simon Friedrich teaching at Sunday Morning Youth Service at CC Siegen!

I was blessed to see Simon Friedrich and met his wife Michelle for the very first time. In the short visit I was fortunate to see all of the folks that I’ve developed special relationships with and to see what God has done in their lives over the years. Each engaged in ministry and most with their young families and continuing to touch lives for Christ. So many highlights, to name a few; holding Glorie, my German granddaughter; seeing Simon as a married man and a Youth Leader teaching the Word; Jesai & Rebecca with their 2 precious kids (I performed their wedding in Germany 6 years ago). And so many treasured memories and good times with many precious people! I am so grateful to the Lord for all of the people He has brought into my life from all over the world and the vital part they have in my life and ministry in Belize!


Brennen listening as Geovanni reads the Word shortly after making a commitment to Christ in July!.

Lives touching lives: San Pedro Town, Belize

Meanwhile back in Belize, Geovanni Reyes returned from the 10 days Bible Boot Camp at Machaca Outreach Center, Punta Gorda and was greatly blessed. He is the young man that recently gave his life to the Lord last month. We are looking at the possibility of having him come onboard at Lighthouse for a period of time to be discipled. Edler and I have been praying about this and it would be an opportunity for both of them as he would be the one who will be doing the 24/7 discipling. This has been a great desire of mine to have such a program as I believe that one on one lifestyle/discipleship is necessary for spiritual growth for both the one discipling and the one being discipled. We would like to start a Disciple Internship Program which would not only allow him the opportunity to build a good Biblical foundation but to prepare him for starting University of Belize in January with structure, discipline, and developing good study habits. We are in need of sponsorship for Geo as he will be living in the Staff Apartment and working part time at the radio station. Please contact me if you are interested in being a part of touching this young man’s life in a significant way! Also, please pray for us as we embark on this venture to impact and touch a life for Christ which is true discipleship!

Tabi Evans, the British young lady mentioned briefly earlier, wrote me asking if there was any opportunities available for her to assist us in ministry for 3 months. Marla’s House of Hope came to mind as I know several members of the Board of Directors who oversee that ministry and know firsthand the work they’re doing as we’ve had mission teams in the past serve at the Home in various capacities. Marla’s House of Hope is located in the capital city of Belmopan, a home for children who has suffered sexual abuse in some form or another. Please pray for Tabi as she will be she help with developing a program for preschool age, tutoring those in primary and secondary schools and working with the older girls in ‘life’s skills’ and mentoring!


Upcoming Events & Schedule:

Sept. 3 — The Belize Christian Media Fellowship meeting!

Sept. 5 – My oldest and youngest sister, niece and fiancé arrives in Belize!

Sept. 10 – Officiating the wedding of my niece Nicole to John in San Pedro!

Sept. 11 – Tabi Evans arrives in Belize to assist at Marla’s House of Hope!

Sept. 21 – Belize Independence Day!

Prayers & Praise:

Thankful for protection during Hurricane Harvey!

Pray for protection during this peak hurricane season, ends Nov. 30!

Thankful for a very restful, refreshing and reconnecting vacation!

Please pray for God’s blessings upon my niece Nicole wedding ceremony.

Thankful for Edler Blas leadership at Lighthouse in my absence!

Please pray for Giovanni’s Discipleship Intern Program, sponsorship needed!

Thankful for the many who made my vacation a great blessing for me!

Please pray for the implementation of new broadcast format and scheduling.

Thankful for San Pedro pastors meeting together for prayer fellowship.

Please pray for bold witness for Christ this September Celebration Parade!

Thank you for the many ways you have participated in touching lives with me in Belize and beyond by your financial support especially during these challenging times! Blessings of His grace, mercy, peace and love!

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