“For He who is mighty has done great things for me, and Holy is His Name.” Luke 1:49

Clive Welsh, sorting the donated bread for the needy in San Pedro Town

This is the time of the year when I enjoy reflecting on the past months that made up 2010 and marvel at all that took place. It is truly a wonder to me each month as I write my Updates and the challenge of what to put in it to accurately share some of the highlights. It would be too long to read if I included all that happens month to month. I’ll summarize this past month and hope that it blesses you as you read and thank you for your loving support and prayers!

The Central America Pastors/Leaders Conference:Each year I look forward to traveling to San Salvador for the annual Calvary Chapel’s Central American Pastors/Leaders Conference and this year was by far one of the best as over 70 gathered from every country in Central America. Pastor Carlos Ballista and the folks at CC San Salvador did a wonderful job in hosting the Conference while Dave Eason, the Calvary Chapel Outreach Fellowship and several pastors from the US provided a great time of teaching, fellowship and encouragement for all that attended. Hearts were stirred as we heard representatives from each Central American country shared what God is doing through the various Calvary Chapel fellowships in their regions. I was especially blessed to travel with Rudy Plett, the pastor of Amazing Grace Christian fellowship this year and to hear him share with them the wonderful work God is doing in the Mennonite Community of Spanish Lookout. Another great blessing was to seeing Edler Blas, the young man from San Pedro Town, Belize who was attending Bible School there at the Calvary Chapel Salvador and to hear what God was doing in his life and the great reports from others about him!

 Encouraging one another:

Jim, Erick, Patrick, Rudy and Clive enjoying fellowship and prayer after breakfast!

Upon returning to Belize after the conference, several of the pastors and missionaries in the West of Belize met together for breakfast and fellowship. Rudy Plett and I had talked for several months ago about the need to gather together with the Calvary Chapel Pastors and missionaries in the Cayo District for the sole purpose of sharing, encouraging and praying for each other. It was such a thrill to hear of the work God is doing with Erick in Los Tambos and the open door he has to share the gospel in the public school and the work taking place in the newly formed church plant. Patrick shared about the fellowship he’s pastoring, Calvary Chapel Cayo and the growth he has seen in the lives of the people. Jim shared about the upcoming Marriage Seminar that he is involved in putting together and Rudy encouraged the leaders to keep Jesus as the focus as we go about our busy schedules and ministries. It was truly an edifying time and we plan on doing that more often. There is nothing like gathering together with likeminded brothers to be encouraged and to encourage each other!

Samaritan’s Purse: Prescription for Hope HIV/AIDS Summit: I was privileged to attend the weekend Summit hosted by the Honduras Chapter of Samaritan’s Purse and a committee of Belizean pastors and leaders to discuss the Christian’s response to HIV/AIDS. Over 130 people gathered; pastors, youth leaders, and concerned Christians from every district in Belize and were given up to date statistics on this pandemic in our country as well as a clear understanding of our role as Christians in ministering to those infected with this disease. A very broad spectrum of speakers shared including the Mayor of Belize City, the Nation’s Epidemiologist, doctors, and several Christians who were themselves infected with HIV. I cannot begin to express the thrill I felt to see so many pastors attending this event especially when I think back to several years ago when we tried to get pastors on board to take up the challenge with this door of opportunity to reach out with the love and hope of Christ to those infected and affected. Needless to say, this was a great beginning to truly make a difference as we tackle this issue from a spiritual perspective and begin to follow the example of our Lord in loving the last, least, lost and the little. We are truly grateful to Samaritan’s Purse for the Summit and looking forward to the far reaching impact made in Belize as a result. Belize is still number one in Central America for the most people infected with HIV & AIDS!  


He Intends Victory International in San Pedro Town:


Dan Davis, Clive Welsh and Pastor Marvin sharing on Reef Radio Morning Show to listeners on Ambergris Caye.

Dan Davis came to Belize to representative He Intends Victory International at the HIV/AIDS Summit and after the weekend traveled to San Pedro Town where we had him share at a local church on the topic, ‘The Christian response to HIV/AIDS’.  Many turned out to hear Dan shared his story and the power of God to reach him after being diagnosed with full blown AIDS. We got the opportunity to share on the Morning Show which was a live radio & Television broadcast on the island’s secular station where Dan Davis, Pastor Marvin Gomez and I shared the role of the Church and Christian to those with HIV/AIDS. Many residents of Ambergris Caye tune into the Morning Show and we were able to close off our time with this familiar and very powerful quote, ‘there is no cure for HIV and AIDS but there is a cure for the hopelessness that comes with HIV/AIDS and that hope is found in the Person of Jesus Christ’.

Dan sharing his testimony to San Pedro High School students.

Dan concluded his short time with us on the island by speaking to over 500 students at the San Pedro High School and the response was amazing as you could hear a pin drop while he was sharing his testimony of coming to Christ after living a double life that led him to contracting the disease. When asked how many students knew someone personally who was HIV positive, I was astonished at over 1/3 of the hands of students went up. San Pedro Town has a very large population of people infected with the virus and unfortunately there are many who are perhaps infected and don’t know it. At the start of our time addressing the student body of the High School, I told them that the next 40 minutes could change their lives or perhaps save their lives. Please pray that would be a true statement and that I would be given an open door at the High School for the gospel!


News from the Lighthouse:  

Edler Blas returned to San Pedro Town yesterday after spending a semester of Bible School at CC San Salvador for 10 months. He shared with me several weeks ago of his desire to return to assist me in the ministry, not knowing the severe shortage of staff and the great need we had. I was encouraging him to return and complete another year of Bible School so when he told me that he felt it was the Lord directing him back home, it confirmed to me that this was truly a God thing. He is our first full time Ministry Intern and on site staff and has began learning all facets of the ministry. We also hired another part time person Ronald, a brother from the Shalom Church of God who will be assist us in the mornings and Elmer, who is now semi-part time since he already has a full time job but we are hoping we can have him come on full time in the new year during the day as he is planning to attend evening school. I am so grateful for God’s provision in providing these brothers to assist us. Thank you for your prayers as this has been a great need and desire for quite some time now for nationals to be raised up in ministry. Please pray for financial provisions for these brothers and trust in the Lord to provide as He guides.

After Christmas Outreach:


After a heart wrenching conversation with the Principle of the local High School and hearing the dilemma of students dropping out due to teenage pregnancy and seeing his genuine concern, I’ve been praying for God to do a work in reaching High School students for Christ. The thought of reaching the upcoming generation through our After Christmas Football Tournament and Afternoon Activities in the Park excites me. Believers World Outreach will be bringing a team of 19 people to conduct the Football Tournament (soccer) in the mornings and VBS in the afternoons starting December 28 and ending with a Children Festival on New Year’s Day.  Please pray for a safe, productive and fruitful time of ministry and that lives would be affected for all eternity as a result of these events!

Upcoming Events & Schedule:


Lighthouse Christian Radio ‘After Christmas Football (Soccer) Tournament’ &

Vacation Bible School: Dec. 28 -31; New Years Day Children Festival on January 1, 2011

CC Mercier County one night Women’s Conference in San Pedro Town: January 3, 2011

Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship Married Couple’s Seminar: January 14 & 15, 2011


Prayer & Praise:


Praise God for a very fruitful year and for doing for me what I could never do for myself!

Pray for vision and direction for the ministry in the New Year!

Praise God for the various people He has placed in my life that encourages and loves me!

Pray for Edler as he gets settled back in San Pedro and ministry, wisdom and vision!

Praise God for providing new staff for Lighthouse Christian Radio!

Pray for a strong team to be developed with our new staff!

Praise God for Barry Fraser, full time missionary at Lighthouse and direction for his future.

Please pray for financial provisions for the new staff


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Have a blessed Christmas as you celebrate the greatest gift ever given!

In His love,
Clive Welsh


Edler, Clive, Ray, Ben & Rudy during a break at the Conference.

Summit attendees listened intently as Dr. Perdomo, Regional Coordinator of Samaritan's Purse Honduras shares.

Pastor Rudy Plett sharing about Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship, Spanish Lookout as Dave Eason translates.