“Wait on the Lord, be of good courage and He shall strengthen your heart; Wait, I say, on the Lord!” Psalm 27:14

It was a very wet month of June as the rainy season began with boisterous storms that filled the night skies with colorful lightening displays. I’m reminded of the various seasons of our lives and ministries and how God use those times to deepen our faith and dependence on Him. As you will recall from last month’s update, we were experiencing a lot of technical problems with our transmitter and antennas and have been broadcasting over a very small portion of the island. After consulting the engineers at HCJB in Indiana and Galcom International in Canada, it is determined that we have transmitter problem and until we get that taken care of we won’t know the extent of the damage done to the antennas. The saying, “When it rains, it pours” kept coming to mind to the point that it became humorous all of the things that were either falling apart, broken or problems; back-up generator, television set, damages to my cell phone and many other things all happening at the same time. Along with that, it seemed as if the personal difficulties and issues in many of the lives of folks that I’m involved with were intensifying. I’ve often joked to friends asking where I should go to fill out retirement papers and I’ll admit that thoughts of quitting, giving up and leaving came to mind over the past months. No, I’m not quitting, giving up nor leaving but there are things that I will have to quit doing, give up on and leave behind in the upcoming season until I can get the help and assistant needed in order to be more fruitful in the things that God has called me to do!


Equipment Update:

Jorge, the engineer evaluating the transmitter.


At present, our four antennas are disconnected and we are still using the 70 watts borrowed antenna to broadcast in a very small radius. We are constantly getting calls from listeners on the island who are asking why they cannot hear us like they use to. Remember, we were even reaching into parts of Belize City some 40 miles away and now folks that are only a few miles away are not able to hear us. We are waiting for the engineer from Orange Walk district to come back to the island and reconnect the antennas so we can determined the extent of the damages and then make arrangements to having it shipped to Indiana for repairs, if it is repairable. The engineer recently called me to inform me that his co-working Mike, who assisted him in the installation of the new cables, died in an automobile accident. Mike asked me for a Bible when he was last in San Pedro Town installing the cables. I trust that God revealed Himself to him in the Word and the seed that was planted took roots in his heart before dying. From what the engineers have determined, we will need a new transmitter and if the one we have is repairable then we would use it as a back-up for emergencies for us and the other stations in the country. In the meantime, please pray that our transmitter will continue working at the low wattage and for the finances to purchase a new transmitter!


Clive Welsh with pastors involved in the San Pedro Evangelical Alliance.

San Pedro Evangelical Alliance:


As God continued to work in me through this time, and He is! I marvel as my attitude has adjusted incredibly when we are off the air. It used to be that if we were off the air for 30 seconds, I would freak out and wondered what the problem was, but now I’m at peace knowing that He really is in control and I really am not nor do I have to be. During this time, I met again with the group of pastors in San Pedro Town for a very significant meeting. After years of praying together and seeing the need to work together to better promote the gospel and cause of Christ on the island, we formed the San Pedro Evangelical Alliance. The six pastors present were all excited about this historical event as never before has such a group established in San Pedro Town. Our desire is to unite on the essentials of the gospel and work together to be a powerful and unified voice to impact the island spiritually. Needless to say, this was one of those things that I’d looked forward to and rejoiced greatly in the Lord for what has done and will He will do in the future. When I met with the Mayor recently to pray for him, I mentioned to him about the formation of the SPEA and told him of our desire to see godly influences and examples for the island’s residences and especially the children as only God can change the course of darkness that is prevailing on the island. He commented about the amount of Christians that participated in last years’ Bible Parade and expressed appreciation for churches and there role in the community. I think God’s timing is once again perfect as there are so many things that are affecting our Town and Nation that only can be remedied by the work of God’s Spirit through His Church!


Stretched to the limit:


Elmer Montero graduating from San Pedro Jr. College.

As I’m seeing the need to get more involved in the community and several doors have opened to play a more active role in community affairs especially for the radio ministry, the need to get the radio station up and running to its fullest potential is really pressing on my heart. Along with more likeminded and hearted people to co-labor alongside of us to make it a reality, as it is only I and Elmer at this time. Elmer has worked feverishly during the day time in the operations of the radio station and then attends school in the evenings as he’s near completing Jr. College. The remainder of the responsibilities rest on me as I’m the only person on site after his 8 hour shift ends which makes it a challenge especially when the need arises to travel to the mainland or abroad. Please pray for the Lord of the Harvest to provide laborers and in the meantime, give us the wisdom and ability to know what to eliminate and what to implement!



Still shining the Light in the Darkness:


Lighthouse Radio celebrates 8 years of broadcasting in San Pedro Town!

Lighthouse Christian Radio FM 101.3 will be celebrating its 8th Anniversary of broadcasting in the heart of San Pedro Town on July 16! We are looking forward to the week of celebration as Calvary Chapel West Grove Youth ministry will be joining us once again to minister to the people of San Pedro Town as they have now for the past 3 summers. They will be conducting Sports Camp, an afternoon VBS in the Central Park as well as evening outreaches and a parade through the streets of San Pedro at the end of the week’s celebration. Each year I’ve been so blessed to see Pastor Eric Nelson and his team reaching out to the poor, needed and desperately love-hungry children on the island with the love of Jesus in so many practical and memorable ways. The kids have been asking me for several months now when they will be coming and their faces lights up when I tell them it will be in the middle of July! I’ll update you on this and more in the next update, hopefully soon!


Urgent Needs:


The most pressing need is for funds to purchase a 600 Watts Crown Transmitter in order to have uninterrupted broadcasting. The Crown Transmitter is priced at $5,700.00 USD.


Depending on the final evaluation on the 4 antennas, to replace all 4, estimated cost $2,520.00 USD.


Generator repair for back up when we lose electricity; we are trying to locate a repairman who is knowledgeable on propane generators!


Lighthouse Christian Radio is supported solely on 5 teaching programs that air daily along with 1 monthly local sponsor which pays for the rent, utilities, and Elmer’s salary. All of our equipment needs and what it takes to operate 24 hours/7day week broadcasting comes from generous donators and folks like you who have a heart to reach lives through Christian radio. If you have any questions or desire to assist in any way, please contact me personally by email or donate through the secured website of www.sgwm.com/welsh. You can contact Saving Grace World Mission at the address and phone number given below. Please specify your donation to Transmitter, Antenna or Generator. Thank you!


Prayer Request & Praise Report:


Praising God for His peace in the midst of difficult times and situations.

Praying for financial provision for new transmitter and antennas!

Praising God for the newly formed San Pedro Evangelical Alliance.

Please pray for the Mayor of San Pedro Town, Danny Guerrero.

Praising God that we are still on the air even though it is very limited coverage.

Please pray for Mike’s family during this time of grieving and lost.

Praising God for those who have recently heard the gospel.

Please pray for many more to hear, see and respond to the gospel through the team.

Praise God for His heart for San Pedro Town and that I get to serve Him there.

Please pray for those who have heard but not heed the gospel, real salvation!


Upcoming Events & Schedule:


July 9 – 21           Calvary Chapel West Grove Youth Ministry:

VBS at Marla’s House of Hope, Belmopan

VBS at Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship, Spanish Lookout

Sports Camp, Central Park VBS and Anniversary Events at Lighthouse Christian Radio, San Pedro Town.


July 16        Lighthouse Christian Radio’s 8th Anniversary of broadcasting.


Thank you for taking the time to read this update and for your prayers, support, fellowship and friendship in the gospel of Jesus Christ. I count it an honor and privilege to co-labor with you and humbled by your heart of service to Him.


Much love and blessings,


Clive Welsh



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