June 2013 233“But none of these things move me; nor do I count my life dear to myself, so that I may finish my race with joy, and the ministry which I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify of the gospel of the grace of God.” Acts 20:24


I sit before the computer to gather my thoughts and share with you some of the highlights of the past few months. I have all of these videos running through my mind on a fast rewind in my head wondering where to start and what do I share! Life seems to be a fast forward movie and I get so caught up into it that few are the moments where I stop and reflect. Join me now as I reflect on the months of June and July!


Medical Update:


I few back to California for a follow-up appointment with my Urologist as there were some unanswered questions in the mind of my doctor from my last examination. It was an overdue visit since I passed the five years of being cancer free two years ago. The result of the visit was good and I’ll continue to be checked regularly, I appreciate your prayers very much and grateful to the Lord for His continual faithfulness!


Challenges of Traveling:


Clive attended Beachside Summerfest, Pastor Mike Harris preaching.

Clive attended Beachside Summerfest, Pastor Mike Harris preaching.

I’ve been blessed over the years by flying stand-by through a very dear friend. The term STAND BY, means just that. There has to be an available seat on my desired flight in order for me to travel. I’m usually the last passenger to board the plane and it’s a continual ‘trust in God’ thing and I’ve seen His faithfulness time and time again. Well, coming back from my doctor’s visit from California was one of those times as it was at the start of the hectic Summer Travel and all flights were either full or oversold which means, I wait and stand by. It took me several days, with many full flights, before I made it back to Belize and missed a few appointments and was delayed with preparations for the team who was to arrive within a week. I’ve learned over the years that what might seem as a delay or inconvenience is in reality God’s opportunities to teach me patience as well as making those ‘divine appointments’!


Constitutional Marches:


In the last Update I shared with you about the New Gender Policy which had passed through the Cabinet in March of this year without anyone having knowledge of it and was full with ramifications affecting the family and morality of the Nation. As you will recall also that the Government of Belize was taken to the Supreme Court by a homosexual activist who sued them in order to decriminalize sodomy from the law in May while the New Gender Policy was already passed and that same activist was involved in drafting the new gender policy. These series of events stirred the churches into action and calling the Government to uphold the Constitution of Belize which declares the Supremacy of God and thus the Constitution Marches was birth with more than 8,500 Belizeans taking to the street in all 6 districts of Belize. The Marches was a strong display to the Government that Belizeans, weather Christians or not, did not want our Constitution to change. We did not have a march in San Pedro Town but I was informed that the Policy Information Night that we, the Evangelical Alliance of San Pedro, had was instrumental in the origination of the Constitution Marches. I rejoice in the Lord that many Belizeans see the importance of having and keeping the Supremacy of God in our country and pray that it continues. I know that the pressure is mounting in Belize to confirm with the nations of the world in ‘calling evil good and good evil’. Please pray that ‘righteousness will continue to exalt the Nation of Belize.’

Belizean marching through the streets of Belize City making a stand for the Constitution.

Belizean marching through the streets of Belize City making a stand for the Constitution.


Clive with Mr. & Mrs. Angel Nunez, founder of San Pedro High School after graduation ceremony.

Clive with Mr. & Mrs. Angel Nunez, founder of San Pedro High School after graduation ceremony.



As the school year closed with many graduations, it is always a special time to see many that I’ve known over the years end a chapter in their educational life. Unfortunately with so many invitations it wasn’t possible to attend Florencio Teck, my Mayan friend that I’ve mentored for several years because it was in Belmopan and I had to be on the island. It was one of those times where I wished I could split myself in two. I was asked to be the Keynote speaker for the first graduation ceremony of the San Pedro Adult Continuing Education, it was quite an honor. Knowing that many graduation speeches are forgotten shortly have they are given, I focused on the word ‘continuing’ and encouraging the students to make correct choices and continuing through no matter the challenges. My most favorite graduation each year is the Brighter Tomorrow Preschool, a preschool that Lighthouse Christian Radio supports through visiting mission teams yearly. My heart is always moved when I see these little ones with their cap & gown as they nervously walk down the aisle as they begin their educational journey.




CC West Grove Mission Trip:


Pastor Eric Nelson, CC West Grove, sharing at Amazing Grace VBS!

Pastor Eric Nelson, CC West Grove, sharing at Amazing Grace VBS!

The High School Ministry of Calvary Chapel West Grove arrived once again in Belize for their annual mission trip. The team arrived on July 5 and began a 12 days mission trip with two days of VBS at Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship and another two day VBS at Calvary Chapel Cayo and participated in both of their Youth Nights with a total of 35 team members. They visited Marla’s House of Hope, a children home for abused girls, where they ministered God’s love to these hurting girls. They end of their trip was a few days on Ambergris Caye where they served at Brighter Tomorrow Preschool VBS for the residents of San Pedrito and assisted us in our Lighthouse Anniversary Party which was held in the San Pedrito Park this year. They distributed many gifts of school supplies, sports equipment, and games as San Pedrito Area is one on the poorest on the island so we thought it best to celebrate our anniversary serving and giving to that community. A heartfelt thank you to the CC West Grove team and all they did in touching lives for Christ where ever they went!



Shining the Light for Nine Years:


Charles Murphy, Parker Hamilton (volunteers) with Elmer Montero keeping the Light shining!

Charles Murphy, Parker Hamilton (volunteers) with Elmer Montero keeping the Light shining!

Lighthouse Christian Radio celebrated nine years of broadcasting from the very heart of San Pedro Town and reaching all of Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker and portions of Belize City and the northern districts. In my reflections, I counted over 17 staff members in the 9 years who served in various capacities from full time, part time; volunteers, missionaries, student interns, both locals and internationals. Each one contributing to the growth and development of the radio ministry and we are forever grateful to the Lord for using each one with their various gifts and talents. It has been quite a journey and God has granted us a unique and consistent role in the community in proclaiming His Word as it’s taught by some of the most gifted Bible teachers with inspirational praise and worship music that speaks to the hearts of the listeners as well as current news and information. It has been an honor to be a part of touching an entire community with the life changing gospel of Jesus Christ through radio. Thank you very much for your continual prayers and support to Lighthouse Christian Radio over the past nine years!



Equipped to serve:


Seleni Perez, recent graduate from SPHS, working part time at Lighthouse.

Seleni Perez, recent graduate from SPHS, working part time at Lighthouse.

As mentioned earlier, we’ve had the opportunity to participate in the lives of many who has served at Lighthouse Christian Radio Ministry over the years. Looking back and recalling those who have served here and seeing what they are doing now blesses me as I know that the time spent at Lighthouse played a part in their spiritual growth and development. Our most recent volunteer/missionary, Parker Hamilton from Canada will be leaving after four months of service. His intended time of service was to be a year but it was determined that the radio aspect of the ministry was very difficult for him. Unfortunately, with us being constantly shorthanded it is very challenging to do all that we do on a day to day basis while mentoring, discipling and raising up others; which is the desire of my heart. The need to prepare missionaries before they come down to serve is another major part of changes that is needed; understanding and adjusting to culture/cross culture training, long term/short term preparation, and spiritual preparations are a few things that will assist greatly. In our great need for laborers it is very easy to just want the needs met rather than seeing the necessity of training for those who are called to serve. God always equip us for the calling He has placed on our lives and a part of that sometimes is preparing before as well as while on the mission field.  We are very grateful for the four months of service that Parker has given to us and we trust that this will be a step forward in his spiritual growth and preparation for ministry as it has been for those who preceded him. Please pray for Parker as he seeks the Lord for the next step and for us as we adjust to the sudden changes!


Action Sports Camp:


Reaching kids with the gospel through sports!

Reaching kids with the gospel through sports!

I met Chris Bonnett over a year ago when he was involved in Sports Ministry International who was assisting the newly formed San Pedro High School baseball team. I shared with him my desire to have a Sports Camp for the children of San Pedro and he listened carefully about the opportunities to impact lives through sports. It turned out that we shared the same heart and it didn’t take long before we began emailing back and forth and the desire soon turned into reality as the formed a ministry; Action 20:24 (taken from the book of Acts). He will be coming to Belize on August 4 with his family and three other sports-minded families from their home church in Houston, Texas area to conduct a week Sport Camp. They will be joined by a police officer from Belize City who has worked closely with Chris over the years with baseball/softball on the mainland. They will be teaching the kids both the theories and practical in 4 sports with a game day at the end of the week and a ‘parent’s night’ to showcase their week. I’ve very appreciative for groups like this who will be able to minister alongside of Lighthouse Christian Radio Ministry and doing what I would not be able to do through sports and touching lives for Christ. Please pray for a fruitful week will with many young lives coming to know Jesus for the first time or drawing closer to Him!


The Brighter Tomorrow Preschool Graduation!

The Brighter Tomorrow Preschool Graduation!


Please pray:


Pray for the believers in Belize that our lives would reflect the Lord we serve and make an impact in the state of affairs in our nation; New Gender Policy, homosexual agenda, crime and violence, and corruption!


Please pray for the Prime Minister of Belize- Mr. Dean Barrow and the Mayor of San Pedro Town- Mr. Daniel Guerrero!


Please pray for a safe and fruitful Action Sports Camp and that many lives will be impacted for Christ!


Please pray for Parker Hamilton as he leaves Lighthouse this week; clear direction and wisdom for the next step in the journey!


Pray for wisdom and direction for the radio ministry; Elmer will be leaving at the end of the year and we need a replacement!


Pray for continual protection during the Hurricane Season, peak season begins in August!


Pray for God’s plans and purposes to unfold for the future of the ministry in San Pedro Town and provisions of equipped laborers, mature missionaries with a heart to serve and reach out to the last, least, lost and little!


Praising God:


Thanking God for His faithfulness to us over the 9 years of broadcasting Lighthouse Christian Radio in San Pedro Town!


Thankful CC West Grove Mission team for a fruitful time of ministry both to team members and lives of many that they touched!


Thankful for Parker, Elmer and Charles for their faithfulness and service at Lighthouse Christian Radio!


Thankful for Seleni, newly graduate from high school, our new part time helper and Jonathan; high school student , summer helper!


Thankful for the visit of Brian & Brooke Ristow on their 10th anniversary celebration; I officiated their wedding and very blessed to see their growing family.


Thankful for His sufficient grace that has held me during the rough seasons of life!


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