“But the Lord is faithful who will establish you and guard you from the evil one.”

2 Thessalonians 3:3


It doesn’t take long before my schedule fills up with over-lapping events, visiting teams, guests, unexpected issues with individuals, divine appointments and disappointments. Yes you guessed it, daily life of the ministry which is all a part of serving of the risen Lord. I often find myself so busy, stressed and overwhelmed in the midst of it all and I tend to forget that He is the One who counted me faithful placing me exactly where I am for His purposes. It never ceases to amaze me the situations, places and people I encounter on a daily bases and how God chooses to use me. It is truly an honor when I stop and ponder how I got where I am and doing what I get to do in touching and impacting lives. May I be found faithful and finish well in all that He calls me to do for His glory!


Northwestern College/Media:

Mark sharing at the Intro to Media/Broadcasting Seminar at Lighthouse Christian Radio

Mark Seignious arrived in Belize a few hours before me to begin his short sabbatical, both of us coming from National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Nashville, Tennessee. He went directly to San Pedro Town since I was detained on the mainland in order to be the master of ceremony for the opening of the Spanish Lookout Expo. It was the start of a busy season with many surprises, challenges and blessings. Mark’s week consisted of teaching Journalism to an English class at the San Pedro High School; media to the Communications students at the University of Belize San Pedro Campus and an Intro to Media/Broadcasting Seminar at Lighthouse Radio for students and interested listeners. He spent at lot of one-on-one time with our staff, Elmer Montero and taught him many valuable aspects of News gathering and delivery. Five of those who attended the Intro Seminar were granted scholarships to attend the Belize Media Seminar the following weekend. So grateful for the personal training given to both Elmer and those who attended the Intro to Media at Lighthouse and looking forward to fruits that will result from it!


Prince of Wales visits Belize:


Prince Harry meeting with the Governor General of Belize and his wife in Belmopan.

The team of 29 consisting of Northwestern College teachers, professors, students and KTIS Radio staff and listeners, Sharing Ministries International and Galcom International converge on Jaguar Creek Conference Center, near Belmopan and prepared for the upcoming Media Seminar. One March 2, Prince Harry the grandson of Queen Elizabeth arrived for a 23 hour visit to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Anniversary. I was granted a Press Pass by the Belize Government Press Office and was assigned the pool that covered Prince Harry’s visit to the Governor General Office. Again, I marvel at the ways of God and wondered by I was given this opportunity to be in the very same room with Prince Harry on his first stop in Belmopan before the official visit with the Governor General of Belize and the street party that followed. Needless to say I used this opportunity to pray for him as he wisped through the office after seeing the collection of Commemorated Stamps of Queen Elizabeth on display. It is amazing all of the work that goes into the Prince’s short visit and I couldn’t help but think of how important it is for us to make the necessary preparations for the soon return of the Prince of Peace, the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings!


Belize Media Seminar:


Dr. Chuck Pollak of Sharing Ministries International addressing the 40 attendees.

The Belize Christian Media Fellowship members and their invited guests, totaling 40 attendees, enjoyed the weekend of “Equipping to Equip” as the students, teachers, staff and various other choice broadcasters and trainers from Minnesota, Iowa, Florida and North Carolina blessed us with their area of expertise. It was a busy and impacting weekend yet filled with fellowship and life-long friendships established. As usual, Northwestern College brought their top students who did one-on-one training along with KTIS Radio director of Business and chief engineers. While the media training was taking place on the grounds of Jaguar Creek Conference center, the KTIS listeners split up in 2 groups; one group spent time with and ministered to the children at Marla’s House of Hope in Belmopan while the other group shared in several classes at Cayo Christian Academy, a High School in Ontario Village. Some tutored students while others share about their careers and inspired students toward various options and career opportunities available to them as they prepared now in school. I was especially blessed to see this interaction taking place as so many young people lack vision for their future and am easily discouraged. What a tremendous impact the entire team made both to the Christian media houses countrywide as well as the lives that were touch at the Children Home, San Pedro High School and Cayo Christian Academy. Thank you Lord for the partnership of Northwestern College, Media, KTIS radio listeners, Sharing International and Galcom for this priceless and impactful time!


Lighthouse News:


Clive congratulating Daniel Guerrero, new Mayor of San Pedro Town.

I arrived back on the island the afternoon of March 7 and Election Day was heavily in progress as Belizean made it to the polls to vote for both Municipal and General elections. I immediately jumped into Election Coverage on Lighthouse Radio giving several live updates on Plus TV and streamed on the internet. Belizeans are very much into their politics and it divides families, churches, villages and towns with isolated incidences but once election is over everyone resumes their lives and goes back to normal. We’re very grateful for a peaceable and uneventful election proceeding and it resulted in the same government in office. San Pedro Town elected a new Mayor and a new town council. I met with the new Mayor, Daniel Guerrero on the day of his swearing in and congratulated him. I told him that I’d like to meet with him weekly to pray for him as instructed by the Bible and he expressed appreciation and gratitude. Please pray for him and his Councilors as they begin their term in office!


Lighthouse Needs:


We will be applying shortly for a Repeater from the Belize Broadcasting Authority in order to extend our signal to portions of Belize City. Because of the limited height of our tower and the inability to extend that because of the nearness of airstrip; we’ll need a broadcast transmitter, tower and air conditioned room.


Our propane generator has been inoperative for almost a year now and the only person on the island who is able to repair it is always busy. The generator is used when we have black-outs on the island and those who have the Fixed-Tuned, solar powered radios are able to hear our broadcast. It is utilized most during storms, hurricanes and other emergencies when power is lost so we keep the residence updated and informed.


Of all the needs, I think the most important is the need for laborers to assist with the many opportunities at Lighthouse. John Barlow, our temporary helper, will be leaving Friday, April 13 and returning to his home in Texas, once again we will be short- handed. The great need became so much more apparent a few weeks ago; I had shared with a young man named Pier Williams for over 2 years, off and on, after he made a profession of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. I offered him to stay at the Staff Apartment and was willing to walk him through some difficulties as well as beginning a discipleship time with him. This young man has so many needs and after a week I realized that he needed someone around the clock which I was not able to do with all of the demands placed on me at the time and no one to assist or help me with the load. Needless to say, it was heart wrenching to let him know that I just couldn’t continue having him stay here at this time. The overwhelming task of operating a radio station makes it very hard to do the very thing that is in my heart which is to reach out to extremely needy guys like Pier and give then the needed time, discipline and structure for building a good foundation. Please pray for likeminded servants to come alongside of us to help with the work of establishing young men in the faith in San Pedro Town!


Kids from San Mateo area, one of the poorest areas in San Pedro receiving donated bread from The Baker at Lighthouse.

Upcoming Events and Schedule:


March 31   YC Belize, the largest youth event of the year in Belmopan.


April 2        San Pedro High School student begins his office practice.


April 7-9    IT missionary Leon upgrading and maintenance our computers.


April 13      John Barlow ends his time of volunteer work at Lighthouse.


April 11-15  Vicky Berger and several moms mission trip to Marla’s House.


Lighthouse banner across Pescador Drive, one of the busiest streets in downtown area.

Prayers and Thanksgiving:


Praising God for Angel’s recent rededication of his life and Abner’s commitment to follow and serve the Lord!


Please pray for Pier, Geo, Denis, and Alex for committed walk with the Lord.


Very thankful for John Barlow’s service to the ministry over the past few months and please pray for direction and guidance for his next season.


Thanking God for Dan & Katrina/The Baker for daily donated bread for the needy families in San Mateo area!


Please pray for helpers/laborers/workers/missionaries to assist at the ministry with Bread Ministry, Discipleship/mentoring, studio operations, etc.


Thankful for the Cross and the empty tomb; for forgiveness of sin and the hope of Heaven!


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