Clive 1Well, it happened again! I intended to send out an Update several weeks ago and get back on schedule but it never happened. You see, every time I plan to sit down and recall the highlights from the past month an interruption occurs; whether it is a phone call, someone stopped in to visit or a numerous other disruptions. I’ve learned that when you’re a people person and your life is about people, these are not disruptions but the very reason why I am here; for people. Now as I sit to share with you this Update, I realize that any moment the phone will ring, the doorbell will sound or someone will either yell out my name from the ground floor or a knock on the door by someone who came up unannounced but I would have it no other way because that is how God has worked me and how He has chosen to glorify Himself through my life by placing me exactly where I am and doing exactly what I’m doing!

Recently I was on the roof of the building that houses the radio station and looking out on the town, being one of the tallest buildings in the downtown area affords me quite a sight. I’ve been here now for almost 8 years and I’ve seen so many changes and development in both the residents and this small town. Ambergris Caye because known as ‘Temptation Clive 2Island’ in the eighties and shortly thereafter became the number one tourist destination in the country of Belize. Several weeks ago, Ambergris Caye was given the title of the “Number 1 Island in the World’ by Trip Advisor Travelers Choice. On a recent trip to the roof and looking over the town, I found myself praying in ways that I haven’t ever done before and calling upon God to do a work in ‘my town’. That was the first time that I caught myself calling this my own and taking ownership of this place that has become more than just where I minister but rather my home. The many faces, the voices of neighbors, the early morning sounds of racing golf carts and giggling of kids on their way to school has become so apart of my life that I miss it when I’m away. On a recent trip to the north of Ambergris Caye, I was once again moved by the beauty of this island I now call home yet what moves me far deeper are the deteriorating influences of drugs, alcohol and the rapidly declining morals and family values. My prayers continue to be, “Lord please use me to make a difference in people’s lives for now and eternity, one life at a time!”

NRB Convention 2013 in Nashville, Tennessee:

The annual National Religious Broadcasters Convention was again a great blessing as I spent the weekend in Nashville, Tennessee with fellow broadcasters from around the Clive 3world. Apart from the teaching and encouragement of the pastors who spoke in the General Sessions, I was able to meet with several people regarding future ministry opportunities in Belize. One meeting was with Dan Wynia, Mark Seignious of Northwestern Media and Chuck Pollak of Sharing International about the next Media Seminar. The last one was a great success and we began dialoging about organizing the next one where both students of Northwestern College and the various Media House in Belize can be mutually blessed. Looking forward to the development of this and would appreciate your prayers as we begin to make plans!

The other meeting of significant literally took place at the end of the first meeting when Bruce Sonnenberg, Founder & President of He Intends Victory, HIV/AIDS International ministry based in Southern California walked in to the very same restaurant where we were eating. As most of you know I have worked with this ministry for many years and was instrumental in their first visit to Belize back in 1999 when Belize became the #1 country in Central America with the most people with HIV and AIDS per capa. I facilitated many of the trips since that time and traveled to almost all districts of Belize with Conferences, Seminars and trainings. Due to various reasons, one being that I have had too much on my OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAplate and understaffed, I had not been actively involved with the He Intend Victory ministry directly but was still involved with ministering to those with HIV/AIDS. Well, several months ago Bruce emailed me asking if I would prayerfully consider becoming the Country Director of He Intends Victory and that we’d meet at the NRB Convention to discuss it further. He explained what the role of Country Director to me and added that it would be a continuation of what I was already doing. He had no idea that this was something that was on my heart and constantly on my mind but I explained to him that I simply could not do it with me being the only one engaged in many ministries and wearing many hats. He said he would pray for God to bring alongside me those to help and I would ask you to do the same as this is so vital with Belize still remaining number #1 in Central America! (Clive Welsh with Northwestern Media & Sharing International discussing future partnership planning). (Clive with Bruce Sonnenberg discussing HIV/AIDS in Belize)

Lives touching Lives:

Clive 5While at the NRB Convention, Eric Donis, the triathlete that I’ve shared with you about, was in Costa Rica for the Central American Games representing Belize as its very first triathlete. Since meeting Eric last August and hearing his story of being abandoned by his father at age 5 and being raised by a single mom and having 3 siblings; hearing his dream of one day representing Belize in the Olympic Games and captivated his outstanding talent and character, I immediately felt drawn to make myself available to the Lord in his life. Through generosity of some of you, we were able to purchase a used bike for him so he was able to compete on his own bike. He would borrow bikes from various friends to compete and always longed for his own bike to train on and use in competition. It was off to Costa Rica which was a dream he never imagined, representing his country in an international competition. We both returned to Belize around the same time and I couldn’t wait to hear of his experience in Costa Rica. He placed 18th out of 26 competitors. Eric shared that upon entering the water for a practice swim, he told his coach that he could not swim in the cold water. In his words “freezing”, he was accustomed to the warm waters of Ambergris Caye. His next major discouragement was the altitude he rode his Clive 6bike in, again something he was not accustomed to. He mentioned in an interview that all he could think of was praying during the entire events. He shared many lessons he learned through that experience and the main lesson was not to give up and to finish, which he did. This was the very first time a Belizean participated in triathlon and we are very happy and proud of him. Many other doors are opening for him in that sport and we are looking into having him training this summer in cooler waters and higher elevations, perhaps in Central California. Thank you to all of those who donated toward his bike and gear, please pray for provisions for his training this summer! (Eric Donis crossing the finish line at the Central American Games in Costa Rica), (Clive interviewing Belize’s first Triathlete on Lighthouse Radio)

An Answer to Prayer:

clive 7Parker Hamilton came to Belize in September of last year with a team of engineers and technicians from Galcom International, Ontario, Canada to assist a fellow broadcaster on the mainland of Belize. The small crew came over to the island for a day to swim and also check our antennas and newly installed transmitter. When I was introduced to the team, I took a picture of Parker and as I did, I mentioned that I wanted to take his picture because he might very well be our next volunteer missionary. We all laughed it off but Parker approached me later and asked what I meant by that statement, so we sat down and I share with him our need for helpers in the ministry and some of the needs. He seemed interested and told me that he would pray because he had been seeking God about what His will was for his life. I shared with him about how the Lord had used the radio ministry in the lives of a lot of previous missionaries who didn’t know what direction in life and ministry they were to pursue and that this might be another one of those opportunities being placed before him. Seven months later after much prayers, preparation and planning; Parker arrived in the country of Belize on April 7 to begin his time of service at Lighthouse Christian Radio Ministry. We arrived on the island on Wednesday and immediately applied for his Missionary visa and his acclimation, orientation and training began. Please pray for Parker to adjust well and learn the operations quickly and that God would prepare him for the work ahead! (Parker Hamilton when he visited Belize in September 2012)

Please pray:

Wisdom and direction for leaders at Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship regarding the need for a larger building!

Daily opportunities to live out the gospel and share it boldly where ever and to whomever!

Continual wisdom with the overseeing of the Radio ministry and staff as we develop a likeminded team. For more staff to assist with outreach ministries to the community. Wisdom in planning the Summer Mission Teams!

Continual favor and involvement in San Pedro Town for the furtherance of the gospel.

Wisdom in counseling, mentoring and discipling future leaders.

Speedy approval of Missionary Visa for Parker and his adjustment to the island life, discipleship, ministry, using his gifts and talents!

Opening of heart to the gospel: Lester, Denis, Yensi, Pier, Rigi, Jose, Jonathan, Henry, Israel, and Giovanni!

A two days meeting/retreat with the pastors involved in the Evangelical Alliance of San Pedro to pray, plan and prepare to better serve the Lord in unity the island; for unity, wisdom and direction!

Encouragement to students sitting exams and projects before graduation: Florence, Eric, Eduardo, Juan Carlos, Mito.

Praising God:

For strength and encouragement in ministry and daily blessings on health!

For Parker and his willingness to serve at Lighthouse Christian Radio Ministry.

For repair of back-up generator and the finances to pay for it, it was not working for several years!

The Body of Believers at Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship and for the monthly Pastors Meeting with the pastors in the Cayo District Pastors.

Grateful to be asked to give Invocation for many San Pedro Town Council events and programs!

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