Belize & Beyond Mission Update: May 2011


“To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.” Ecc 3:1


The dry season is coming to a close and we welcome the rainy season in a few weeks with great anticipation as it has been a very hot and dry time in Belize! The dry season is typically the time when farmers burns their fields to prepare for the rain but with the heat, fire and smoke, well you can just imagine the situation. This year especially since so many trees where fallen due to Hurricane Richard and became fuel for the fire which caused severe forest fires that went out of control in some areas. Not to mention, the difficulties of breathing especially for those with respiratory or allergies in many districts of the country. A reminder to us in our spiritual seasons as we endure dry season of our soul; painful and costly as it might be during the burning away of the dross and junk, remember that your Heavenly Father is preparing you for the fruitful seasons ahead. He is determined to make us more like Himself and uses those seasons of life to cause us reflect His glory!  


The Church Response to Homosexual lawsuit:

In the last Update I shared with you about a homosexual group that is suing the government of Belize in order to remove the ‘sodomy’ and ‘unnatural acts’ from the law so that they can proceed with their agenda which will eventually lead to homosexual marriages. The Belize Council of Churches, Anglican Dioceses of Belize, the Roman Catholic Dioceses of Belize and Belmopan, the Methodist Church and the Belize Association of Evangelical Churches, and the Belize Christian Media Fellowship, have come together as ‘interested parties’ and has hired a team of lawyers to join the Attorney General of Belize against this lawsuit which will go to the Supreme Court in July. We realize that all of the Caribbean countries will be looking closely at this case and it will set precedence whatever the outcome will be. The Belize Constitution proclaims the supremacy of God and this challenge to change the constitution is the start to slowly remove God from the place He has in this country as we see it happening in the US and other countries.  Please pray of this young country with all of its challenges; increase crime and violence, corruption, poverty, increase immorality and its affect on the younger generation as well as HIV/AIDS. I’m constantly reminded of the verse, “where sin abound, grace abound much more”. Please pray for the church as it is uniting together to stand for righteousness and for God to use this to draw many to salvation and deliverance that is found only in Jesus Christ!


Around San Pedro Town: 

Discipleship on the street corner of San Pedro Town.


The more I’m available to the Lord in San Pedro Town, the more opportunities I get to minister to many on the island through relationships that have been built over time or new developing ones. Relationship is so key, people you see on regular bases over a long period of time and over brief chat or sharing smile or humor bad or good, a bridge is built. You might not even know their name nor do they know yours but something is there and perhaps they have a name for you that you might not ever find out or know. Many know me as ‘Mr. Lighthouse’ or ‘Big Man’. I find that so many people are open to the simple gospel especially when they see you living it out daily. I can walk the streets of San Pedro all day and spend time talking to residents or visitors and sharing God’s love with many. Again it has been drawn to my attention the horrible plight that many young people face on the island. My heart breaks as I listen to the stories of pain, rejection, neglect, abuse, helplessness and hopelessness. What is even more painful is pouring out your heart over and over again seeing the gospel heard but not heeded time and time again knowing that Jesus is truly the answer. In those times I am reminded of the reason why I’m here and doing exactly what I’m doing. “How will they hear without a preacher?” The rest of that scripture also ask the question, “How can they go unless they are sent.” Thank you for being a part of it also by being a sender!


Roger and friend waiting for bread to take to their families.

Feeding the hungry:


It is a daily privilege to be a part of passing on a blessing to those who might otherwise go without bread. We continue to receive the left over bread from The Baker each evening and then we sort and divided them for several pastors and families who come to receive them daily. We see this as a stewardship by the Lord through The Baker and when it is viewed like that it makes it a ministry rather than just giving away free bread. We pray daily that just the right person and family will receive it and as a result God’s love will be shared in very practical and tangible way. I’m reminded of Our Lord being called ‘the Light of the world’ as well as ‘the Bread of Life,’ two very practical ways we get to serve Him at Lighthouse Christian Radio and through what we call The Bread Run. What an honor to serve in these capacities!

High School interns conducting phone survey of listeners!

Shining the Light in the Darkness:

In a recent survey of the residences of Ambergris Caye, we were surprised at the demographics of listeners to Lighthouse Christian Radio. The majority of listeners is women, Catholics and has Spanish as their first language. Those surveyed enjoyed both the teaching programs and the variety of Christian music. Another astonishing fact was the large amount of people who have not heard of us nor knew that we are here on the island. We used the opportunity to inform them about our radio ministry and many were glad to hear that we are here on the island. Interestingly enough, we received a call from happy listener on the mainland about 30 miles away, who receives a very clear signal of Lighthouse Christian Radio. Another surprise was from a caller from over 70 miles away. We are currently discussing the adjustment of our antennas and replacing the guide-wires with our friends at Galcom International. They are looking into guide-wires made from stronger materials that will not easily rust due to the salt air along with seeing what can be done to reach more of Belize City. Presently, we have no idea how far our signal reaches and as mentioned earlier, we are reaching further than we had imagined but have no way of knowing specifically.

We continue receiving reports from those walking by our studio during the hours of 3 PM – 4 PM, our special request hour, as we broadcast the radio station on PA system from our balcony. It is a rare thing to hear Christian Music on the streets of San Pedro Town so we talk advantage of this time to fill the air and airwaves with the sounds of worship and praise to the Lord. It is not uncommon to hear multiple sound systems blaring secular, sometimes very inappropriate and vulgar music from the nearby bars or households, so it is refreshing to hear uplifting Christian music of faith, hope and love. Another upcoming opportunity will be our Movie Nights in the Park. Recently a Bible Study group from Colorado donated a projector to us for that very purpose. We will use the nearby Central Park to show Christian Movies during the summer nights and provide wholesome entertainment and ministry to all ages free of charge. We are so grateful to Jon Paul & Sara’s home bible study group for being an answer to prayers for over 2 years now. Please pray for this awesome opportunity to present the gospel through DVDs and movies. Also, if you would like to donate quality and meaningful DVDs for this outreach, please contact me for mailing details!

Edler praying with the guys before the Spanish Bible Study

Edler Blas took a well deserved vacation and visited his family in Nicaragua and in his absence Elmer Montero and I took up the slack with the daily operations of the radio station. The need became apparent once again for a ministry team to be developed as there are so many things I’d like to see done along with the daily operations of the radio station. It has been our prayers for several years now for such a team to develop and would appreciate your continual prayer with us for this. I’ll be share more with you on this in upcoming Updates! Please pray for renewed vision for Elder as he returns back to Belize in a few days!


Information & Events:

June 1 is the start of the Rainy Season in Belize, the Dry season ends! 

Recent census states that the nation of Belize has 320,000 people.

Did you know that there is an unreached group of people in Belize…..the deaf!

Sixty-five percent of the nation’s population is 25 years and under!

May 15; Fifth anniversary of the Lighthouse Guest Apartment.

June 1, Animal Balloon Festival in Central Park with Southcrest Baptist Students.

Upcoming Teams:    

Summer of Service Student Interns- Brennan & Nathan

Calvary Chapel WestGrove Student Ministry Mission- VBS & Sports Camp.

Calvary of Albuquerque Church Mission- VBS/Sports Camp/Children Outreach

Biola Student Mission Union- VBS/Sports Camp/Children Outreach

Prayer Requests:

Desperation before God for the Nation of Belize; a work of God’s Spirit!

My continual protecting, an attempt home invasion at 2 am a week ago!

Protection on children in difficulties circumstances; healing, help and provision.

Ministry to those in sexual sin, immorality and perversion; power of God to save!

Financial provisions for team of lawyers in the upcoming lawsuit by homosexual group.

Strength during overwhelming season; physically, mentally, and spiritually!

Wisdom in reformatting the radio ministry to reach more residents of Ambergris Caye!

More Teaching Program sponsorship/local sponsorship or advertising, financial needs.

Long-term volunteers/missionaries/laborers for after school ministries.

Please pray for a ministry team; nationals and internationals; to develop to plant a church.

Please pray for Dennis M, Geo, Les, Julio, Austin, Israel, Frans, Emil, Abner and Jas.

Needs:  Fiberglass guide-wires for broadcast tower; valued at $600.00

Realignment of antenna, generator repaired; valued at $500.00

Signs and posters to advertise Lighthouse Christian Radio.

Streaming the radio station on the internet.

Contact Information:

PO Box 653                                       

Belmopan, Belize

Central America

Phone: 011-501-605-6123


Lighthouse Christian Radio FM 101.3                

PO Box 166

San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye

Belize, Central America

Phone: 011-501-226-4673

Facebook: Lighthouse Caribbean Christian Ministry

Email: Lighthousefm101.3@gmail.com

Website: http://www.lighthouseradio.org/ 

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In Memo: Welsh or Belize General or specific needs you’d like to support!

Or, online donation: http://www.sgwm.com/welsh 

Thank you for your continual support; prayers, donation, encouragement and love!

Because of Him,

Clive Welsh

Antennas needing realigning and rusting guide-wires needing replacement!