Clive sharing about God's protection from Psalms 91 before opening prayer at NEMO Event.

“But as for me, I trust in You, O Lord; I say, You are my God.”

                                                      Psalms 31:14

The month of May indicates that the slow season of tourism is in here and the Rainy/Hurricane season is about to start even though the temperature is sweltering hot. We had some very heavy winds and rain and shortly after we noticed interference with our signal, going off briefly and coming back on, and it became more and more frequent as the days and weeks progress. I had no idea what the following weeks had in store but I’ll share more on that towards the end of this Update but first I’d like to chronicle some of the events of the month in the order of events and trying my very best to keep it brief yet keeping you informed!


Chaz, Peter, and Kim of Sound of Hope Ministries, Minnesota arrived at Lighthouse Christian Radio and began immediately to install donated equipment in our studio and worked to update others. The rest of their time was spent traveling around the island on a vision tour to see if the Lord will open up any doors for long term ministry along with serving us in the areas of studio equipment, training and other needs.


Pastor Neil Ortiz visiting Lighthouse studios for the very first time.

Neil Ortiz, Mission’s pastor of Calvary of Albuquerque arrived shortly after the trio from Minnesota left. Neil visited me in Belize at the end of his three nations’ tour; Mexico, Panama, and Costa Rica visiting the various missionaries from their church. It was a refreshing time to spend time with Neil as he listened to the needs and saw some of challenges we faced daily. This has been the first time he has been to the island and to see the ministry first hand; he’s heard and prayed for me every first Thursday of each month for several years via Skype or phone call so it was a blessing to have him here in person. I have so much appreciated the ministry, staff, fellowship and support of Calvary of Albuquerque over the years!


Leon Berger returned with his wife Vicky and daughter Noel for a week’s vacation. Well, it was their vacation time but most of the time on the island was spent overhauling, maintaining and building our computers. Leon is usually here for a weekend and never seems to do all that he desires so they took their vacation time to come down as a family and served us. Vicky and Noel did a ‘make-over’ of our Guest Apartment and putting a woman’s touch to it and supplied us with new curtains, linens and towels. The Berger family has blessed me in so many ways and I’m grateful for their continual support and friendship!


The National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) opened the Hurricane Season a bit early this year as we’ve had several heavy storms

Clive Welsh, master of ceremony of the Global Day of Prayer in Central Park.

countrywide and with it we noticed an increase of the radio station’s static interruption. It got so unbearable that we called the only transmitter/antenna person we know in the country that lived in the northern district of Orange Walk. He arrived on Friday and after close investigation he determined that the cables and connectors had severe water damaged. The antennas were three and a half years old and the sun, salt air, wind and rain of island life had taken its toll on them. Jorge, the engineer, returned the following day with new cables and connectors spent the entire day stringing cables to the transmitter and all four antennas. Just before leaving the island with all of the new cables attached, the switch was flipped and the problem continued so the only other option left was to test the antennas. Upon testing all four antennas, it was determined that all four of them were corroded and he marveled that we were on the air for so long in that condition. We were able to borrow one 100 watts antenna and after 4 days of being off the air we are back but covering a very limited area. We are shopping around for new antennas that will better handle the elements since we are a couple blocks from the Sea and especially with the hurricane season upon us. Will you prayerfully consider helping us to get Lighthouse Christian Radio back to broadcasting to our coverage area and further. Interestingly enough, this happens at the time we were beginning to investigate ways to expand our signal into Belize City. Yes, we definitely have seen the increase of spiritual warfare which if told would take several updates to share. I’ve often told the staff that when we boldly declare our motto, ‘shining the Light in darkness’ that we should expect the Enemy’s discontentment with that and will do his best to put out the Light. Greater is He who is us than he who is in the world. Please pray with us and help us to get back up and go beyond what we did before!

The Global Day of Prayer sprung up on us this year and with the leadership of one of the Town Board Councilors, a believer, we were able to gather in

Jorge examining antenna after replacing weather worn cables.

Central Park with Christians from various churches to pray for our nation. It was a powerful time as several pastors and leaders prayed for the different segments of society and the specific needs and challenges affecting the nation of Belize. I was given the opportunity to MC the event as well as pray for Media in country. As you might know already, I’ve been working closely with the various pastors of San Pedro Town over the years and blessed to see the fellowship developing among them as a result of our times working together. In our last meeting we decided to form a Pastors Association/ Committee as a cohesive unit in the various challenges facing churches on the island. I was told that nothing like this has ever happened before as there has been such a strong denominational divide among the churches in the past. I’m especially blessed to see unity forming over the past few years and it seems as if Lighthouse has been the neutral ground to help facilitate unity. We’re meeting with all of the pastors in a few weeks to discuss the starting of this association so please pray for us as we venture into this so we can have one voice that would represent the thousands of believers on the island and more importantly to be a bright light in reaching the lost in San Pedro Town!


In the midst of all of this, I’ve been fighting a sever cough after a bout with the flu for over 2 months. A recent doctor’s visit for x-rays to see if it had gone into my lungs and another doze of antibiotics with cough medicine and rest was the prescription. During this time the Lord has begun to speak very specifically to me on necessary changes and I’m still in the midst of praying and processing these things. Please pray for me during this time for a speedy recovery and the next step that I need to take. More of this to come, but needless to say how much I appreciate your prayers; they are appreciated and felt especially during the very difficult seasons of life and ministry!


Vicky and daughter Noel giving the Guest Apartment a make-over!

Upcoming Events & Schedule:


June 16, San Pedro High School Graduation; please pray for the graduates.


June 21, All Pastors Meeting, San Pedro Town to formulate an Evangelical Pastors Association to collaborate and unify and better reach San Pedro for Christ.


June 23, Jesse & Erika’s wedding at Coco Beach Resort, I’m officiating.


July 9 – 21, Calvary Chapel Westgrove mission team to Belmopan, Spanish Lookout and San Pedro Town; VBS, Sports Camps and Lighthouse Anniversary.


Prayers & Praise:


Praising God for answered prayers of the past years for safety of radio station equipment and for providing all that we need when we need it; grateful for His faithfulness over the years!


Please pray for provision for 4 new antennas and generator repairs, out immediate need for operating Lighthouse Christian Radio!


Thankful for all who have donated, worked, served and supported the radio station ministry over the years. You are touching lives through your involvement that you will only see and meet in Heaven. Thank you!


Please pray for the young people in San Pedro Town that they will come to know the God of the Bible who greatly loves them and for opportunity to reach them with the gospel.

A new friend calling out to God for deliverance from drugs and alcohol.


Thankful for the work of God in the ministry of Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship; Pastor Rudy, Children Ministry leaders, Youth leaders and Radio Ministry!


Please pray for full time and part time laborers/volunteers/missionaries to co-labor with in reaching the people of San Pedro Town.


Please pray for daily strength, wisdom and anointing as I seek to touch and impact lives; life touching life- witnessing, discipleship, counseling, mentoring, and equipping.


Thank you for taking the time to read this, for your heartfelt prayers and sacrificial giving and support.


In His unending grace and unchanging love,


Clive Welsh


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