April May 088“He who begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.” Phil. 1:6


Birthdays are a good time to take personal assessments and evaluations on life and ministry and this past birthday was no different! I ask myself several questions; what is my calling and am I fulfilling that call. I have to check myself often because my tendency is to jump at opportunities that cross my path to serve or trying to meet every need that comes my way especially when it has to do with people in difficult situations and circumstances. At a very early age I was taught to fix whatever need fixing and to do it immediately, I find myself laughing when that thought comes to mind because I’m in a country where everything needs fixing and it is humanly impossible to meet such a great task or to know where to begin. I recall the words of a well-respected Pastor who said ‘we will wear ourselves out if we try to meet all of the needs around us but rather God-directed needs.’ Only doing what God has directed us to do will be fruitful because where God guides He will be faithful to provide.



Challenge of the Belize Constitution & Supremacy of God:


As mentioned in previous Update, a homosexual activist sued the Government of Belize in order to remove a law which criminalizes sodomy with an

"Land of the free by the Carib Sea...."

“Land of the free by the Carib Sea….”

8 years prison sentence as stated the constitution. The Belize Supreme Court heard the case May 7-10 as the entourage of lawyers representing the activist few in from the UK and other Commonwealth countries and the lawyers for Government of Belize along with those representing the Church (Evangelical, Anglican, Catholic and Methodist Churches) while believers from all over the country prayed. We were sent update by text messages from the court and encouraged to pray as the Lawyers tackled the Supremacy of God upon which the Belize Constitution was founded. God answered prayers and confounded the wisdom of the lawyers and defended beautifully the Constitution. The Chief Justice of Supreme Court will give his judgment in July. Please pray for God’s wisdom to be given to this judge and protection from pressure from the International and Foreign countries!


It was recently discovered that while the Government was in court defending its Constitution in May, the same Government had already passed the New Gender Policy through the Cabinet and the very same homosexual activist was a part of the drafting and development of some of that policy which defines gender as not only male and female but gays, homosexuals, lesbian etc. as well as several other vital issues of major consequences and ramifications under the guise of human rights. Needless to say, the Christian Church and leaders were shocked that no consolation was done prior to passing this policy through the Cabinet. What seemed to be a secrecy continued as copies of the Policy was a challenge to acquire after a difficult search. The general public had no idea this policy was passed so it was necessary to inform the Christian community and Lighthouse Christian Radio participated in a nationwide simulcast with over 7 other Radio Stations and hosted by Plus TV, the nation’s only Christian Television Station.

Clive Welsh with Pastors and Ministry leaders in San Pedro Town.

Clive Welsh with Pastors and Ministry leaders in San Pedro Town.

Evangelical Alliance of San Pedro met for 2 days of meeting at the end of April in order to finish our foundation laying; statement of faith, objectives and other organizational groundwork as well as scheduling of events. As you can imagine the difficulties in getting 6 pastors together under one roof for such a meeting to take place but it happened with many comings and goings. The time was rich with fellowship, laughter and lots of planning and getting to know each other better and the ongoing challenges of me being the only non-Spanish speaking individual attending and seeking to understand what’s being said while one pastor sought to translate; that’s where the laughter comes in. Several times during our meetings I found myself thanking God for this group of brothers who has a heart for Him and His people and working together for the simple purpose of making a difference for Christ in San Pedro Town. These men who several years ago never had any relationship with each other now gathering regularly to pray, plan and proclaiming Jesus together and especially at such a time like this. Please pray that this fellowship of pastors would continue to work together in united and be a powerful witness for Christ as we stand for righteousness on Ambergris Caye!




Salt & Light:


Clive opening the NEMO Event with prayers!

Clive opening the NEMO Event with prayers!

San Pedro Community Involvement continues as I’ve been asked to give the Invocation/Opening in prayer at various events. I really like the fact that in Belize, every public event is opened with the National Anthem and with prayer. It seems as if the Mayor is always requesting me to be the Invocator at events that the San Pedro Town Council would have. One of such events was the Mother’s Day Extravaganza where over 1,200 ladies attended. I was honored to be in the presents of so many mothers and shared the godly influence and faith of Timothy’s grandmother and mother upon his life before saying the opening prayers!


I recently had the privilege of interviewing the new San Pedro Superintendent of Police Department for the weekly program on Lighthouse Christian Radio called, “Who’s Who in San Pedro.” The purpose of this program is to introduce individuals in the community to our listeners and highlight who they are and what they are doing in San Pedro Town. It has given me a great opportunity to get to know these residents as well as for them to see the radio

Superintendant of the San Pedro Police Luis Castellanos being interviewed by Clive.

Superintendant of the San Pedro Police Luis Castellanos being interviewed by Clive.

station and get to know us and what we are doing as a ministry. We’ve had a variety of people; Information officer and meteorologist, High School Administrator, teachers, local business owners, Town Council Member, athletes, Fire chief and others. The Lord has really granted us favor in the eyes of the community over the years and we have become a permanent fixture and voice on the Island. I’m very grateful to be considered by many locals as one of them, a San Pedrano (someone who was born on the island or accepted as one of their own)!


A prevailing need:


Parker Hamilton, our volunteer/missionary has received his Missionary Visa Permit and is committed to working with us for the next year. After a difficult adjustment period, he is finding his nitch as our Newscaster. He would gather the local, national and international News daily and then broadcasting as our Mid-day News. His efforts and heart to serve has been a blessing and is still adjusting to the island lifestyle, weather and this being his first time being away from home (Canada). The daily challenges of multi-tasking as there’s many things to do in the day to day operations of a radio station and his help is appreciated greatly. The need is great as we find ourselves just keeping our head above water and not progressing. There’s so much we’d like to accomplish to effectively minister to the needs of San Pedro Town. Our heart’s desire has always been to raise up local residents in media ministry but that has been quite a challenge over the past years so I’m asking you to please pray with us for mature individuals with radio/computer skills and a desire to be actively involved in touch and impacting lives both on the airwaves and in person. A relevant Bible teaching church is still one of the greatest needs and continues to be heavily on my heart daily. If God is speaking to your heart or if you know someone who is interested in this opportunity to serve alongside of us, please contact me for more information as the fields are very ripe for harvest in San Pedro Town!


Names of projected tropical storms for this season.

Names of projected tropical storms for this season.

Preparing for the Season:


June 1 is officially the start of the Rainy/Hurricane Season and preparations have already been set in motion for what is projected to be a very active season Atlantic Storm season. Lighthouse Christian Radio is on the San Pedro Community of the National Emergency Management Organization and plays a vital part in the communication department and as such we’re to remain on-air as long as possible during the actual event of a storm or hurricane. We are praying for God’s protection upon us as we are very volatile being on an island yet I know that He is faithful and working all things according to His Counsel. I’m grateful that the Lord does not reward us according to our iniquity or none of us would stand but I also know that He cares more about our spiritual and eternal state and allows certain things to happen to draw us to Him!


This is also the season for short-term mission teams and visitors to come down and work alongside of us in ministry. Calvary Chapel West Grove, will be returning and in a month’s time and will be conducting several Vacation Bible School both on the mainland and the island and plans are in the making for them as they faithfully return each year to bless the children of Belize. Also team from Houston, Texas will be coming in August and conducting a Sports Camp followed by the He Intends Victory International coming down to minister in the area of HIV/AIDS. Please pray for me as I organize and prepare to facilitate these teams and ministries. It is a joy to work alongside these teams as they do what I by myself am unable to do. There’s a lot of work and preparation that goes into each team so please pray for me to me for wisdom and insight in preparation and for effective, fruitful and life changing time for the teams and those they will serve!


Lives touching lives:


Clive at 'his spot'!

Clive at ‘his spot’!

A major part of ministry is just being available and one of the most amazing feelings is being at the right place at the right time to speak to the right person. I call those ‘divine appointments’, some people call those coincident. My life, like yours, is filled with daily divine appointments as we all the Holy Spirit to use us in unexpected and sometimes unusual ways. Well, one of those appointments took place a few days ago. A water delivery man who I had met months ago and got to know by talking with him each time he is delivering water in the neighborhood. I found out that we had a mutual on the mainland which led to further conversations and developing a relationship. As I was at ‘my spot’ at the bottom of the stairs on the street side on night, he suddenly turned the corner and saw me and we began to talk. I knew he was involved in church at one time but he began to open up and shared with me about the devastation that took place in his walk with the Lord after coming out to the island. As we talked he kept rehearsing how close he was with the Lord and his involvement in his church. He kept looking back and I reminded him that if we have to ever look back at a time when we were closer to the Lord than we are now then we are truly backslidden. He went to shake my hand to say goodbye and that he would see me when he returned from visiting his mother. I held his hand and asked him if I could pray for him and he said that I can later. I told him that I wanted to pray for him right now and wouldn’t let him go and just began to pray right there on the side of one of the busiest street on a Friday night. God pierced his heart during prayers and he began agreeing with me in prayer right there on street corner; he thanked me profusely and told me that he’d talk to me when he returned from his Village on the mainland. Needless to say, I walked about overjoyed with the sense that God had orchestrated the entire meeting. Please
pray for this young man and others whom He has appointed for me to meet for the purpose of sharing God’s love and grace with!


Prayer & Praise Reports:


Please pray for the Belize Pastors and Church leaders for wisdom and direction in dealing with the New Gender Policy passed by the Government’s Cabinet!


Please pray for the Prime Minister of Belize and his Cabinet that God would change their hearts so He can do all that is in heart for Belize!


Thanking God His daily provisions and Hands on my life and ministry over the years!


Please pray the establishing of a Bible teaching church to be planted in San Pedro Town.


Thanking God for the feedback we’re receiving from Radio Listeners on the island!


Please pray for helpers at the radio station so I’d be freed up to do more sharing, mentoring, discipling and counseling!


Please pray for my upcoming check up with my Oncologist this June!


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