Clive Welsh sharing at funeral service in Spanish Lookout.

“Now this I do for the gospel’s sake, that I may be partakers of it with you.” 1 Cor. 9:23

My phone rang shortly after 1 pm on Friday afternoon with the hard news that Wendell Reimer was shot and killed outside his hardware store in Belize City. This was a regular occurrence that appeared in our daily news* but this was very close to home because I knew Wendell. I met him several years ago and got to know him as he would give me rides to the City on my way to the island. We would have interesting conversation as he was seeking to understand the Bible in light of his strict Mennonite upbringing. I had the honor of officiating the wedding of Clara and Wendell on January 9, 2010. Minutes after his death I spoke to his wife on the phone, still in shock and unbelief as she rehearsed the events that led up to her husband’s death. His shop was being burglarized when he walked and trying to get away from the robbers when they shot him outside while his wife watched from a distance. I felt so helpless being unable to be there to comfort her in this moment of trauma and tragedy especially after finding out that she was in her final weeks of pregnancy.

Many viewing Wendell's body at close of funeral service.

I was asked to speak at his funeral which was held three days later in the big Mennonite Church in Spanish Lookout. In his life Wendell untied the Mennonite and the Mayan cultures in his marriage and in this death he leaves united many church cultures as several who shared in the funeral service was not from the Mennonite church. This was a first for me to speak from the pulpit of this church and I might be one of the first non-Mennonite to ever speak at that church. Please pray for Clara’s delivery of her child which is due any day now also for comfort during this time of lost and grieving!

*The first Global Study on Homicide indicates that Belize has climbed the list of countries having the highest rates of intentional homicides in the world.

Lives touching lives:

Dennis and son several months ago.

Dennis, a young man that I’ve befriended and shared the Lord with for some time now and have spoken of him in past Updates as the ’17 year old father’. He had become more and more closed off to hearing the gospel as his life of pleasure seeking continued and slowly he was no longer coming over to see me and when he did, he would avoid all the topics of life, death, sin and its consequences. One of our last conversations I told him that I would be praying for him specifically that ‘whatever it takes’ for him to come to know the Person of Jesus Christ who loves him so very much that He died on a Cross for him. Long story short, I had a dream about him going away and that I would never see him again which would bring tears to my eyes whenever I’d think about this dream as it seemed so real. I found out later that he moved back to Guatemala and tired relentlessly to locate him. A few weeks ago I received word from his father that he was in prison in Guatemala and my mind flashed back on my prayers for him, ‘whatever it takes’! We continued to pray for him and a few days ago I was told that he was released after being in prison for a month. I made contact with him by phone and he told me that while in prison he had a lot of time to think over the many things that I had shared with him and that he gave his life to the Lord. God had worked in drastic ways to get his attention and it made me laugh when he told me that upon going to jail he was very upset at me when he recalled that I told him I’d pray ‘whatever it takes’. Overjoyed to tears I encouraged him to continue in the Lord and was able to make contact with several Calvary Chapel pastors in Guatemala who has made contact with him already. Please pray for Dennis in this time of establishing his foundation in Christ; an environment to grow and mature in his faith!

Romeo at his work place in Belmopan.

Romeo, I couldn’t believe my ears when he told me his name and couldn’t help but chuckle inside, attended to me as I was in a store a few weeks back in Belmopan. Little did I know that brief encounter would develop into a friendship for the gospel as we talked over lunch and he opened up and began to share his life story with me. I told him that it was not a coincidence meeting him but a ‘divine appointment’ as God wanted him to know how much he was loved. We’ve kept in touch by texting, phone calls and a couple more visits when I was in his area and during our last visit I showed him the text he sent me which stated that it wasn’t going to be long before he would make a commitment to the Lord. It had been awhile now and I stressed the urgency as with Wendell who had no idea of his time to enter eternity. He told me that he was thinking the very same thing and that now was the time. He prayed and made a commitment to Christ while sitting in my pickup and I could truly see a change in his face as he stepped out of the darkness into the Light. Please pray for Romeo that he begins to lay a good foundation in Christ!

Juan Carlos leading worship at the Tuesday Night Bible Study

Juan Carlos has served as a student intern at Lighthouse Christian Radio about a year ago for several months. Just recently we’ve taken him in as our DIP, Disciple in Process, after he shared his heart and some of the struggles that he had that cause him to fail and having to repeat the year. In the month he has been here his grade point average climbed to 86.77 and there is a noticeable change in his attitude and life. His day starts off with a devotional time with Edler and Elmer before going to school and upon returning in the last afternoon, he has his homework/study time followed by his service time of various tasks around the Lighthouse. He is learning to play the guitar and doing very well; leading the praise and worship time at the Tuesday Night Spanish Bible study with Edler the guys and recently asked to join the music team at his church. He visits his family often and noticed that his relationship with them has improved greatly as well as his walk with the Lord. Juan is in need of paying off his school fees for this year and his basic needs since being with us; food, school supplies, and daily necessities. Can you assist with this and be a part of the process of his discipleship? Please contact me with whatever amount you can assist him with on a monthly basis or a onetime gift, thanks much!

Abner Vasquez moved to San Pedro Town five months ago and shortly thereafter made a

Abner in class at night school

commit to follow Jesus. I met him a month ago and heard his story and he shared with me his desire to go back to school. it’s been 4 years since he was in school but feared that he wouldn’t be able to do it since it’s been so long. We made some inquiries and enrolled him in night classes as he is working all day and then go to classes from 6 – 10 pm. We were able to purchase some of his books, school registration and one month’s school fee with funds left by Calvary Chapel West Grove. Will you consider assisting in Abner’s dream to finish his high school education? His school fees are $63.US a month!

Florencio after he shared his story with Clive.

Florencio, a Mayan young man that I mentioned in previous Updates, has reconnected with me recently. He shared the reason why he had requested I not keep in touch with him was because of a horrible fight that he had with his drunken father one night and how he retreated into himself because of the emotional blow he had received from him. He shared how he was hurt that he wanted to give up on school and felt so worthless as that is what he was being told by his father. My heart broke when he shared these and other things with me. Florencio is a very smart young man that maintains a very high grade point average and ranks 1st or 2nd in his class. It pains me to see how much he was damaged by his father’s words and I found myself repeating over and over to him how valuable he is to His Heavenly Father who loves him very much. Please pray for this young man that He would begin to grasp the heart of God toward him!

As I write this it suddenly hits me that most if not all of the lives that I’ve had the opportunity to minister to are all, either fatherless or whose fathers are not fulfilling their God given role in the lives of their sons. Many of them have placed me in that role in their lives and truly I see that as one of my primary ministry in Belize as I can so relate growing up without a father myself and able to encourage them of the reality of God as their Eternal and Heavenly Father. There are so many others that I’d like to share their story with you on how your life is touching their lives here in Belize as you co-labor alongside of me in the gospel. You are truly making a difference and I cannot thank you enough for your continual support through your prayers, encouragement, sacrificial giving, and doing what you do there that enables me to do what I do here!

In His love and grace and for His glory alone,

Clive Welsh

Upcoming Events and Prayer needs:

Please pray for Clara as she grieve the lost of Wendell and for safe delivery, she is due at any time!

Please pray for full time missionary/volunteer/ministry minded helper as we are in great need!

Please pray for financial provisions for all of those mentioned above and for our day to day needs!

Please pray for the Calvary Chapel Central America Pastors/Leaders Conference in San Salvador, El Salvador November 4-6, 2011!

Please pray for the San Pedro Bible Parade with over 12 churches participating on Sunday, November 20, 2011.

Please pray for the Upcoming court case; homosexual advocate group suing the Government of Belize to remove sodomy and unlawful acts from the law in order to promote the homosexual agenda. December 5, 2011.

Please pray for Geo, Henry, Lester, Mauricio, Miriam, Leonel, Israel, Mike.

Please pray for a work of God’s Spirit to revive the believers to live out Biblical Christianity and for the many to come to saving knowledge of Christ!

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