With over 12 million AIDS orphans in today’s world, Christians must lead the way,’ says Bruce Sonnenberg, Executive Director and Founder of He Intends Victory

IRVINE, CA (ANS) — He Intends Victory, a global HIV/AIDS Christian organization based in Irvine, California, has announced the launching of their AIDS orphans sponsorship program, “Terry’s Kids” on Friday, May 7, 2010, World AIDS Orphans Day.

Bruce A. Sonnenberg, Executive Director and Founder of He Intends Victory said, “World AIDS Orphans Day was established as an international reminder that over 12 million children are orphans due to the AIDS pandemic. This means that, out of no fault of their own, these children must face life with one parent, most often HIV+, or no parent at all due to AIDS. Being an orphan is such a difficult place for any child but AIDS orphans also must face stigma, rejection, and hatred. The Church has not only a huge opportunity to reach out with God’s love, but a larger obligation to help the ‘widow and the orphan’ as the Bible says in the book of James.”

“Terry’s Kids” is named after the late Terry Duffy, who was married to Warren Duffy, Southern California’s #1 Christian radio talk show host.

“Terry was a dear friend and a He Intends Victory board member,” said Sonnenberg. “Terry loved children and although she never had any of her own, all children were ‘Terry’s kids.'”

Sonnenberg went on to say, “Because AIDS has spread throughout the entire world, we literally have thousands of children who could qualify for our program. But at this time we can only begin with a couple hundred children from five countries: Colombia, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, and Uganda.

“All of our children are AIDS orphans; that is a child 15 years old or younger who has lost one or both of their parents to AIDS. We do have a few who are older in our program but they are the primary caregivers of other AIDS orphans in their family as well.

“These children are hurting. They need our help. They have no one else. Please ask what you can do to change a life, to change a generation, to change the world of an AIDS orphan.

With HIV/AIDS, it is sad to say that it is the children who suffer the most and we have determined to change that in the name of Jesus — one child at a time.” – Bruce Sonnenberg

Sonnenberg added, “Whether it is $10 or $10,000, a gift of any amount will help build a brighter tomorrow for children orphaned by AIDS.”

For more information on how you can sponsor a child or contribute to a brighter future for AIDS orphans, call 1-800-448-4673 or go to www.TerrysKids.org.

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