Yes it was!

I’ve received the totals for this years ministry in Uganda and Kenya. Our goal was to provide direct services (something in hand and Jesus in heart) to 3,000 people. Last year our goal was 2,000 people but we reached 2,616 people. So here goes-

We distributed:

  • 200 T-shirts with the He Intends Victory logo on them
  • 400 Mosquito nets
  • 200 Machetes
  • 400 Farming hoes
  • 814 pounds of bean seed for farming
  • 277 blankets
  • 200 Water jugs
  • 95 Milking goats
  • 330 pounds of sugar
  • 330 pounds of rice
  • 250 pair of flip flops
  • 2251 toothbrushes
  • 55 pounds of hard candy
  • 92 pair of glasses
  • 1000 small toys
  • 700 (appox) items of clothing items
  • 1 motorcycle
  • 800 de-worming pills

Total number of those who accepted Christ Jesus for the first time: 87 (Kenya only- no count in Uganda)
Total number of those who received medical care: 1145
Total number of surgeries: 5 (saving the lives of a least one young boy and a baby in the womb)
Total number of people who received some kind of direct service:  4,318


On behalf of AIDS widows, AIDS orphans, and men and women living with HIV/AIDS, I say thank you in the name of Jesus. You have touched hearts, pointed lives to Jesus, changed lives, helped families, met with dignitaries, given hope to the hopeless, served in two church services, laughed a lot, cried some, and loved with God’s kind of love. You worked hard under difficult and sometimes challenging situations. And you did it with His joy in your hearts. This could not have been done without YOU! And a special thanks to Wayne and Pat. It’s good to be used of the Lord. And from my heart I say may God bless you all for it,