Viet Nam

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A Message from the Country Director:

I want you to all to know everything is so good in God. Thank you from Hanoi. Yet we need your prayer- For HIV support group members that are still struggling with drug addiction. For the AIDS orphans who need a home and someone to love them. For jobs for support group members. (Being HIV+ no one will hire them) For the Vietnamese government to keep HIV programs going. For hearts to be softened by the Holy Spirit in the HIV committee to come to know Jesus as Lord. For those I visit in the hospital every day who are fearful of death...until they hear that Jesus loves them and offers eternal life. Thank you and May God Bless You NG

Viet Nam’s Country Director:
Nguyen Phouc


Providing Services:
AIDS education program, HIV rural education, HIV Training seminars, Hospital visitation, Women's Prison/AIDS orphan care, Support Groups